Saturday, August 26, 2017

Affordable Group Break Results!

Thanks once again to everyone that decided to participate in this break. I was afraid we were just going to fall short of having enough people to make this happen.

I thought the boxes had some pretty good stuff in them and I hope everyone will be happy w/ their teams' cards. I'll do my best to have everything packaged up this weekend and get them in the mail by Tuesday at the latest. If you want a wrapper or two let me know as soon as you can.

I recorded the opening of the boxes live via Facebook. We started right at 8 PM EST on Saturday evening, 08/26/17. The video lasts right at one hour, so if you don't want to watch and you're just curious as to what inserts/hits were pulled...just scroll on down past the video.


01) Atlanta Braves - Cardboard Collections (Paid) | Angels (from Royals & Random
02) New York Yankees - Mint Condition (Paid) | Blue Jays
03) Chicago White Sox - 2x3 Heroes (Paid) | Mets
04) Arizona Diamondbacks - Jared Rayes (Paid) | Marlins
05) St. Louis Cardinals - Cards on Cards (Paid) | Orioles
06) Cincinnati Reds - Jason German (Paid) | Indians (from Stealing Home)
07) Los Angeles Dodgers - Stealing Home (Paid) | Brewers (from Jason German)
08) Philadelphia Phillies - Mint Condition (Paid) | Giants
09) Houston Astros - Royals & Randoms (Paid) | Padres
10) Seattle Mariners - Royals & Randoms (Paid) | Royals (from Cardboard Collections)
11) Chicago Cubs - Cardboard Conundrum (Paid) | Tigers
12) Minnesota Twins - Cardboard Conundrum (Paid) | Rangers
13) Colorado Rockies - Infield Fly Rule (Paid) | Rays
14) Boston Red Sox - Will Rouse (Paid) | Expos/Nationals
15) Oakland Athletics - Cardboard Collections (Paid) | Pirates

2003 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition



2005 Fleer Showcase



2017 Panini Optic


2017 Topps Chrome


Congratulations to everyone! I'm not sure when I'll host another break, but when I do I hope to you back in the fold. 


  1. Man, that Konerko auto is crap. BURN IT!!!! :)

    YAY ME! I have been passing on my Sox for breaks lately because we are so under represented, but older boxes are worth the gamble. And the gamble pays off for me.

  2. Oh - and be honest: which picture behind you did you color?

  3. Hi Colbey,
    That was a good break for you! I guess I shouldn't have traded you the Angels. ;-)

    You are welcome to keep the Mike Sweeney - Franchise Focus. If you would want to throw in something cool for the Royals into my package as a replacement, that would be fine. Looking at your trade-list quickly, these look neat:
    2011 Ginter - #MMF33 Euclid
    2016 Topps - Purple Parallel - Edinson Volquez
    2017 Topps - Rainbow Parallel - Paulo Orlando
    2015 GQ Framed - Bo Jackson
    2015 Ginter First Ladies - Harriet Lane, Rosalynn Carter
    2015 Opening Day - Mariner Moose

    Any of those would be great!
    -Josh D.

    1. Sounds like a deal Josh. I'll include those in your stack.

  4. If I had the money at the time, I would have gone for the Jays and Expos.. lol That Bay card is nice too..