Sunday, August 13, 2017

It's time for another Afforable Group Break

08/19/17 UPDATE - Boxes have been ordered. Monday evening, 08/21/17 (sometime after 8 PM EST) I'll post a Facebook Live video on my page randomizing the unclaimed team and assigning those. After that point, trading of the secondary teams will take place. Further details will be posted on Monday.

I've got the itch again to rip some packs and it's been awhile since I've hosted one of my Affordable Group why not give it a go? If you've never participated in one of my group breaks, I don't break the newest, hottest product. Instead I go back several years and look for stuff I've never opened before and for things that will yield a few hits. This allow usually allows me to keep the prices down, hence the word affordable in the title. We always have fun with these.

This time I've selected to boxes from the mid-2000's, both Fleer products. Both boxes combined will yield us 44 packs to open with a promise of 5 hits. Plus returning collector's will know that I usually toss in a few surprises and extra cards of your main team you select. Below you'll find the two boxes slated to be opened in this break.

2004 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition (hobby)
- 24 packs, 5 cards per pack
- 2 hits, game-used

2005 Fleer Showcase (hobby)
- 20 packs, 5 cards per pack
- 3 hits, 1 auto & 2 game-used

I'm going to go w/ the 2 team slot format again. We'll have 14 open slots (because as the host I've already selected the Atlanta Braves) and you choose the team. If all 14 slots are filled, then I'll random off the other 15 teams not selected using You will receive all base cards plus any inserts, parallels and of course hits for your teams. There will be a short period after all teams assigned where trading of your randomized second team is allowed. However once I have a date of when the boxes will be delivered I'll update the post with a cut off date for trading so we can get the break underway. I do plan on breaking the cards LIVE on my Facebook page. I'll then upload the video to my (rarely used) YouTube channel. I'll also try to create a new post w/ the video as well as scans of the inserts, parallels and hits.

Keep in mind that all 14 slots have to be filled in order for this to work, so if you want to participate I ask that you help spread the word on your blog and on social media to help get it filled.

Each 2 team slot will only cost $11.00. This includes shipping and all supplies. If you've claimed a slot and want an additional slot, it will only be $6.00. All you have to do to claim your spot:

1) Leave a comment on this post w/ your team selected
2) Send an email to flywheels at with your name, mailing address & team selected
3) Send your payment via PayPal (friends & family if you don't mind) to: 
cardboardcollections at


01) Atlanta Braves - Cardboard Collections (Paid) | Angels (from Royals & Random
02) New York Yankees - Mint Condition (Paid) | Blue Jays
03) Chicago White Sox - 2x3 Heroes (Paid) | Mets
04) Arizona Diamondbacks - Jared Rayes (Paid) | Marlins
05) St. Louis Cardinals - Cards on Cards (Paid) | Orioles
06) Cincinnati Reds - Jason German (Paid) | Indians (from Stealing Home)
07) Los Angeles Dodgers - Stealing Home (Paid) | Brewers (from Jason German)
08) Philadelphia Phillies - Mint Condition (Paid) | Giants
09) Houston Astros - Royals & Randoms (Paid) | Padres
10) Seattle Mariners - Royals & Randoms (Paid) | Royals (from Cardboard Collections)
11) Chicago Cubs - Cardboard Conundrum (Paid) | Tigers
12) Minnesota Twins - Cardboard Conundrum (Paid) | Rangers
13) Colorado Rockies - Infield Fly Rule (Paid) | Rays
14) Boston Red Sox - Will Rouse (Paid) | Expos/Nationals
15) Oakland Athletics - Cardboard Collections (Paid) | Pirates


  1. I'm gonna probably infuriate a ton of commenters and claim the Yankees.

  2. I'm going to be happy you picked them. I will infuriate no one but My Sports Obsession and pick the White Sox.

  3. I'll take the Reds (yay 12 games out of first!)

  4. Put me down for the Cardinals.

  5. Long time since I've been in a break. Let's try this.
    I'll take the Dodgers

  6. Using that '2nd slot discount' to cover my other team, the Phillies, if it's alright.

  7. I think I have many of the Royals from these sets already, but I can't pass up an Affordable Group Break!
    I will take two slots:
    1) Astros
    2) Mariners

    1. Thanks for your support Josh! I'll put you down for the 'stros and M's.

  8. I'll take 2 teams: The Cubs & Twins

    1. Thanks Matt. I've got you down for two slots, your Cubs and Twins.