Friday, August 4, 2017

New Rey Ordonez Cardboard

It's getting harder and harder for me to find cards of Rey Ordonez that I don't already own...however over the last few weeks it seems I keep finding a few cards...some of them I didn't even know existed! Many of these were found on is odd because for the longest time I never could find anything there that I needed. All of these cards will be added to my side blog, Rey Ordonez Super Collector...eventually.

This 1995 Upper Deck SP Top Prospects promo is a card that for a long time that I never knew existed. This is a promo for the autograph version of the card.

The 90's had plenty of parallels, including this gold parallel of the Limited Rookies insert set of 1996 Leaf Limited.

The Diamond Destiny insert from 1996 Upper Deck is one of my favorite sets. I love the acetate window w/ the head shot of the player. These game in bronze, gold and silver varities. I just need the gold version now to complete the set.

The 1997 Score set is confusing to me with all of the subsets and parallels. This is a Showcase Series silver foil parallel...that shows lots of fingerprints!

1999 Topps featured his first Topps issued autograph from what I understand. The cardstock is a little thicker than a standard Topps card and is really glossy. If I didn't know better I would've thought this card came from a pack of Stadium Club.

Pacific loved their parallels back in the day. This is from their 2000 Paramount set and is the Premiere Date parallel #39/50.

Topps Finest have always been some sharp looking cards and while their design used for the 2000 set may not have been my favorite, I'm glad to have finally found the Gold Refractor parallel of this card.

The Features subset card featured Edgardo Alfonzo on the gold chrome size and Rey was obligated to the boring back, but hey, it's still a Gold Refractor and one more card checked off the list.

2001 Pacific had 3 different Limited type parallels, all serially numbered to different amounts. This is the Hobby LTD version, 64/70.

Pacific's Printing Plates bring with them a lot of controversy. Some say they are all fake since they weren't included in packs. Others say they only surfaced after Pacific went under. I don't care. To me it's a nice, limited item of Rey for me to collect and I will gladly include them in my collection.

Since I haven't been able to find much of any of the 2017 Bowman product in my neck of the woods, I wasn't familar w/ the Buyback cards. Needless to say I quickly scooped up these bronze and silver parallels of Rey. 

This is a Gold Rediscover Topps parallel as part of Topps' current program. Still trying to figure out if he has any other 2017 parallels between this set and the Rediscover Topps program.

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  1. Love the look of that 1999 Topps autograph. Gonna need to see if there any of the players I collect signed for this set. Great COMC Ordonez haul.