Monday, October 23, 2017

I feel as if Panini is trolling me

After a horrible offensive performance by the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, 10/22/17 against the Chicago Bears I was hoping some new football card therapy would help. I picked up pack of 2017 Panini Donruss football earlier in the week and held onto to open on Sunday...makes sense right? Well wouldn't you know...the first insert in the middle of the stack of cards would be Mitch his 4 for 7 pass completion glory. (by the way, I love the look and feel of these canvas like cards...I just can't believe of all the players I could pull this is the guy I get!)

It's so embarrasing for your defense to go out and hold the opposing team's QB to 4 of 7 pass completions, 68 rushing yards and to hold them from scoring a TD...and still lose the game. The Panthers controlled the clock, possessing the ball for over 38 minutes of the game. Bears had the ball for just over 21 minutes. Cam Newton completed 21 of 34 passes for 211 yards with another 50 yards on the ground. Panthers bested the Bears in the 1st down department too with 20-5. However the Bears walked away w/ the win with two defensive TDs.

The first defensive TD came off of lateral that was dropped by rookie Curtis Samuel. Eddie Jackson would run it back 75 yards for the TD. This particular play really made me upset because I don't see how they ruled that it was a catch/fumble. Samuel never had possession of the ball! I knew the Bears didn't have much an offense so I really didn't get to down...I knew that we would come back to tie it up and eventually take the lead...but that never happened.

Fans here in Carolina this morning are wondering who to point the finger at. In my opinion you need several fingers. 1) Offense Coordinator Mike Schula, 2) Head Coach, Ron Rivera, 3) Offensive Line, 4) WRs/slow developing routes, and 5) Cam Newton.

  • The play calling for years has been questionable at best under Schula. Remove the 2015 Super Bowl season and you have mediocre plays being called. I love McCaffrey, but the little dude can't run it up the middle of the field...yet the same play is called time after time. 
  • Ron Rivera is a good coach, but the dude needs to stand up and hold his staff more accountable.
  • The Offensive line yesterday was horrible. As soon as the ball is snapped, it seems as if the line is moving backwards and that pocket is all but gone for Cam. Does Cam hold onto the ball too long? Yes, but his guys are being backed into him so quickly its rediculous. 
  • The Panthers have two big WRs in Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess. I love to watch their physical style of play, however it seems to take them longer to get open than other WRs. I don't know if again its the play calling or what, but Cam is holding onto the ball so long because he's waiting for his guys to get seperation from their defenders and it's taking too long!
  • Lastly there is Cam. I like Cam and I get mad over a lot of the criticism that I think he doesn't deserve. However yesterday's performance was ugly. The Panthers had chances. I don't fault him for the pass to Benjamin that he tipped and landed in the hands of the Bears defender. It happens. However he over threw many players that would have kept a drive alive and possibly resulted in some points.

Overall it was a real ugly and embarrasing game for Panthers fan. The only good news yesterday was that Tampa Bay lost and the Patriots whooped up on the Falcons (again) late last night. The Panthers find them in 2nd place in the NFC South behind the Saints that have all the sudden won 3 in a row after starting their season 0-2. Hopefully we'll get Luke Kuechly and others back for the game next week against Tampa Bay and the Panthers can right the wrongs of this week. I hope


  1. It was a weird game. I feel the Bears are kind of having one of those "magical" seasons where things go juuuuust right enough at the right moments. Two OT wins and the Panthers game... They could easily be 0-7, but instead they are still in the race for the NFC North.

    1. The Panthers 2015 season was one of those "magical" seasons were everything went just right for them. So far this season has been pretty crazy. Who thought the Eagles would have a league best record going into week 8?

  2. I didn't watch the game, but that sure sounds like it was a rough loss.

    1. It was u-g-l-y. Our defense did a great job, but the offense was severely lacking. And of course local and national media is having a field day roasting Cam for his performance and mid-week media day.