Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Night Owl mail from...2015?!

I'm willing to bet most of us card collectors like to think we're organized...but when it comes to our desks we have stacks of cards sitting everywhere. Well apparently underneath said stacks of cards I had a few pieces of mail that essentially got buried. Good news is I previously opened this mail, bad news is I never got to give a proper shout out to the person who sent me the mail.

So I owe the great Night Owl Cards a huge apology. The letter he sent me was post marked April 02, 2015. No joke. I'm kinda embarrased even bringing this up. I know we all have lives outside or hobby, but dang...I gotta get my clutter picked up! I guess this is what happens when I try to run multiple blogs and put out constant content for them.

I can't remember if this was a trade or if Greg was just sending a few Braves my way, but finally...after 2+ years the cards finally made their way out of their legal envelope prison and onto my scanner.

I don't think there is any significance of the cards, just more Braves...and I'm fine with that. While I always have the intention of buying Series 2 of flagship Topps each year, I'm usually focused on working to complete my Gypsy Queen or A&G sets and end up ignoring Series 2 and subsequently the Update set as well. That said I don't believe I have this Maddux insert. Same goes for this insert of a young Freddie Freeman. 

I love non-baseball sets so this Steve Avery is the winner in the stack. The shiny chrome Postseason Heroes Smoltz is a close second (who doesn't like shiny cards?), but the Avery here stands out as being unique. Part of the 1992 Baseball Cards Magazine set (#BBC16), this one will go great along side my small Avery collection.

Sorry Night Owl it took me this long to thank you, but "thank you" none the less. Next time, I'll try to do better.

Go Dodgers! Need Alex Wood to represent us non-athletic types back home in Charlotte, NC!