Saturday, March 24, 2018

Affordable Group Break: Sign-Up Deadline 03/27

*** UPDATE 03/26/18 ***
The Break is full! Boxes have been ordered. Should be able to break live this Saturday evening at 9 PM Eastern.

Alright, in order to break these boxes next weekend (March 31st) then I need to fill a minimum of 5 of the final 6 slots. The deadline to claim a slot will be Tuesday, 03/27/18. If I'm unable to fill 5 slots by then, I'll be cancelling the break and refunding everyone's money that has paid.

I was really hoping that I'd get enough interest in doing something different, but with the overall cost I simply can't afford to absorb that kind of a hit. Hopefully everyone understands that.

Please help me spread the word via Social Media and let's fill up those spots. Remember, if you've already paid and would like an additional slot, you'll receive a $2 discount. 

For all of the details and to sign up, please go HERE.


  1. I plugged it on my blog. Sure hope it fills up. Both of these boxes are cool looking products.

    1. Thanks Fuji. I think we'll be OK to move forward with the break.