Sunday, March 4, 2018

March 2018 Affordable Group Break Results

Saturday evening I opened live on Facebook two boxes of early 90's Pacific baseball as part of my new formatted Affordable Group Break. While I had a few issues at the beginning and I admit the video was rather long, I had fun opening the packs and interacting with the participants that came and went during the live video.

If you missed out on the beginning, here are the results of the 2nd team randomization:

Colbey (host) Braves Mets
Samuel Pair Astros A's
Nick Vossbrink Giants Pirates
Tom Tessier Angels Mariners
Mark Eisenman Brewers Tigers
Angelo Mazza Yankees Phillies
Jim Hall Dodgers Blue Jays
Kirk Andersen Expos Indians
Josh DenHartog Royals Padres
Marc Brubaker Rangers Marlins
Chris Reed Reds White Sox
Nick Dusenberry Orioles Twins
Kerry Biggs Cardinals Red Sox
Trevor P Cubs Rockies

This break was more or less all about base cards. While there were some inserts available in both sets, the odds didn't appear to be in our favor...however we did get lucky and pulled a few. Overall I hope everyone is happy w/ the overall results. Below is a small highlight for each participant, but by no way is this indicative of the number of cards the teams received. 

A couple of Barry Larkins and Bip Roberts

We pulled a Latino All-Star team card of Ivan Rodriguez!

A few killer B's

The Angels ended up w/ the Gold Prism out of the 1994 box - a Tim Salmon Prism at that!

The Brewers weren't out done as they ended up w/ a Silver Prism of Robin Yount!

This may have been the first break were the Yankees didn't get the majority of cards. Ended up with a nice small stack w/ names such as Mattingly and Williams.

Personally I love that '93 Strawberry.

Couple of Gwynns.

Red Birds!

While no one claimed the Mariners (The Angels in Order got in the randomization) he walks away with the only hit from the '93 box, a Estrellas de Beisbol of Omar Vizquel and a nice base card of Griffey Jr.

The Cubs ended up w/ one of the largest stacks in terms of overall cards.

The Rockies didn't get much, but we did pull this Silver Prism from the '94 box of the "Big Cat".

I worked most of Sunday afternoon on sorting the cards and getting them ready to be shipped. I should have everything in the mail come Monday, 03/05/18. I'll do my best to send each participate your tracking number soon. Thanks again to everyone that joined in. Stay tuned for the next break announcement.


  1. Thanks again Colbey, fun to watch and be a part of.

  2. Yes thanks Colbey! I didn’t have that Ripken yet!

  3. Awesome! I was hoping to hit the Ripken in the '94 box as well, but we just missed it.

  4. Thanks for being a part of the break Tom. Enjoy that sweet Gold Prism Salmon!

  5. Thanks for running it, Colbey.

    1. Thank you Josh for being a part. When you get a second, please shoot me an email...I have a question for you.

  6. Besides the fact I didn't have many Brewers from either set I had my fingers crossed we might pull that Silver Prisms Yount. Great break Colbey. I'd love to see some more late 90's early 2000's pacific.

  7. Anyone need any '94 Pacific singles, email me at QAPLAGCA at yahoo. Not a whole lot of stars left, but there are a few.

  8. Thanks again for this. My cards arrived today. Nice to get a Pirate I needed for one of my PCs (Ballard) as well as a complete run of all the Giants in 93 Series one.