Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trading w/ SMG

I offered up a Titus Young jersey card to the SewingMachineGuy awhile back for one of those manufactured patch cards from 2012 Topps blasters.  By the way I'll gladly trade you for any of the manu patches...

 2012 Topps Tom Seaver manu patch

I was surprised the other day when I received a large kraft envelope from the SMG and an old Beckett slid out.


I love old Beckett magazines, especially when there is a story about a Braves player(s).  The new Becketts just don't have the same feel...you know what I mean?   He also tossed in a selection of Braves from 2012 Topps.  This was a cool gesture on the part of him...thanks buddy!


  1. That pitching staff was awesome.
    Thanks for the trade my friend.

  2. A manupatch from the sewing machine guy. That seems about right. :)