Saturday, February 11, 2012

Old school NBA Hoops & David Robinson

I found this image staring at me today in my inbox courtesy of Panini.  David Robinson autographed in silver ink a total of 10 cards, each with a different Bible verse.  Now if you've been reading my blog for long then you know that I post a Bible verse each Sunday along with many of the athletes I collect are fellow Christians.  This set is right up my alley.  I'm a little surprised though that Panini would participate in a program such as this.  I'm glad they did, but surely someone out there is going to be offended by the verses.

So I ask what are your thoughts of these cards?  Cool?  Risky move on part of Panini?  Are you offended?


  1. Cool: yes
    Risky: yes, but definitely worth it, IMO.
    Offended: Not by a long shot!

  2. Not offended in the least ! Freedom of religon is for us to be able to proclaim what ever we believe in, not to protect the feelings of those who may be offended. Put prayer back in school.(if you don't want to participate, don't !)

  3. Not particularly "value added" for me, but not offended either. Is anyone offended when Topps puts two Jewish players together (Greenberg/Braun)?

    1. Didn't know those guys were Jewish! I haven't heard any negativity myself, but in this world we live in you just never know.