Friday, February 17, 2012

Can't beat that for a buck

First of all -- yes, I am alive.  I've had training at work for the last 2 weeks that has knocked me off my regular routine.  Combine that with a cold and I've been away from a computer for awhile.  I'll try to catch up w/ some posts I've had in the pipeline for awhile soon.

It's rare that I drop by any of the trading card forums, but for some reason I found myself at Blow Out Cards' forum and I ran across a guy selling autos for super cheap.  I checked the list and was surprised to find a 2009 Topps T206 auto of Heath Bell...for a buck!

2009 Topps T206 auto

This makes my 4th auto of Bell since I started collecting him late last year.  Sure it's a sticker auto, but for a buck you just can't beat the price.  It's a rather nice looking card in my opinion, but I can't help get by the fact that it doesn't look much like him.  Did he put on weight post 2009 or is it just the way the card was "painted" that makes him look younger/thinner?

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