Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not your average "Linsanity" post

You don't have to be a fan of the NBA to have heard the term "Linsanity" floating around the media recently.  I'm not a huge NBA fan.  Sure I collect Charlotte Bobcat cards, but when your team has the worst record in the NBA it's kind of hard to get excited.

I usually listen to sports talk radio while at work so I've heard all about what Jeremy Lin has done in New York this past week.  What has intrigued me about the guy however was what I heard on the radio this morning on my way in to work.  My musical tastes are varied so I often flip from station to station until I land on something I like.  This morning I was in a reflective mood so I hit the preset button for the local Christian station.  I liked the Jeremy Camp song on the radio so I left it there.  The husband and wife that chit chat between songs mentioned Jeremy Lin oddly enough this morning.  Just in the quick minute or two they talked they mentioned Jeremy's faith and how Tim Tebow has encouraged him to live his faith out loud. 

I love what Jeremy has on his Twitter page - "to know Him is to want to know Him more".  Awesome.  I went on to find several interesting articles on Jeremy as well such as this one entitled Faith, Sin and Jeremy Lin in the Washington Post.  Here is an excerpt of the interview I particularly enjoyed:

When people ask him, ‘How are you going to stay grounded? he says, ‘I understand that I’m a sinner.’ And when he says that, he’s saying that he understands that he’s a sinner saved by grace. He knows that [because] he came to salvation. He [knows] that what he has is not his and that does keep him grounded. That is part of Christian character that he continues to work on. I think we’d all agree that we need to be working on humility. That’s one of those things that he’s able to keep in check because he remembers where he came from and the work that God has already done in his life.”

In this day and age of negative publicity athletes often receive thanks to off the court/field antiques it's refreshing to hear such positive stories such as this.  I looked on eBay for some cards of Jeremy Lin and after I saw the crazy amounts they are currently going for I decided to just put collecting his cardboard on the back burner for now.  

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