Monday, July 23, 2012

Pack Break - 2006 Topps WWE Heritage II

In celebration of the 1,000th episode of WWE Monday Night RAW later this evening I bring 3 packs of Topps WWE cards I recently found in the discount box at my local Target.


This is the first pack I've opened of 2006 Heritage II...and I love it.  I'm not all that fond of the 1963 baseball design, but I like it when it features wrestlers.  Who knew?!


#36 Goldust - Son of WWE Hall of Famer the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, Dustin Runnels doesn't appear on television much anymore.  Talk about a flamboyant wrestling persona.  I never cared for the character, but I did like watching Dustin.  He had big shoes to fill and never quite lived up to his dad's legacy.


#43 Super Crazy - I remember this Mexican luchador more from his WCW days than I do his WWE tenure.  High flying wrestler who was fun to watch.  I liked the fact that he was small like Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara and actually had some heft.  Made his acrobatics that much more awesome.


#22 Kid Kash - Who?  Before the Monday Night wars got heated I watched more WCW.  I have heard this name, but don't know anything about him.  I believe he is currently signed with TNA.


#07 Edge - Magnet insert - How come Topps never used die-cut magnets in their baseball products?!  I love these!  I miss watching Edge in the ring too as he was a great performer who had to retire far too early.


#75 Bushwackers - Perhaps this is my favorite card of the pack.  I loved this goofy, yet scrappy pair of guys.

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