Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blue Jays & basketball?

On a trip to the local card shop yesterday to pick up some supplies I found something interesting.  I knew of this card's existence, but never have I seen it in person.  The wife helped me browse the large number of monster boxes sitting on the tables full of 'commons' and such and this is where I found this:

1982 Topps RC

Well we all know that Danny Ainge didn't go on to play baseball as he chose a path leading to the NBA.  I know there have been a handful of 2 sport stars, but I've always liked baseball cards of players who went on to excel at another sport.  Crinky Wrappers, this is headed to you along with a few other things I picked up.  In fact there will be several little care packages going out the first of the week to people I have traded with.


  1. I didn't live in Florida when Ainge was with the Jays, but I have seen a lot of other sports "stars" trying to play baseball in the hot florida sun aka low level minor leagues. guys like michael jordan and ricky williams come to mind. I think it shows how hard this game really is that a superstar athlete in another sport just can't step in and be dominant... Few actually made a success at it... Dave DeBushere comes to mind and that guy from Florida State who was really fast...

  2. Neon Deion...I've got a small, but nice collection of both baseball & football cards of his. Only other card in my collection that relates to this post is a Fleer Excel minor league card of former Carolina Panthers QB Chris Weinke.