Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is this a "Reach" of an excuse?

 I'm sorry to say this will be my only post for at least the next 24 hours...maybe 48 hours!  I try not to mix my other hobbies into my card blog here, but I've been waiting for this game for a long time.  I'm leaving work early today to get some gaming in (assuming my daughter takes her long afternoon nap today!) so I'll return shortly w/ more cardboard goodies.

P.S. - The FREE* card thing should still be happening - just a delay in getting the actual cards.


  1. I might be going into cardboard hibernation for the next few weeks while I get this game out of my system. I won't be able to play it until Sunday at the earliest though!

  2. Ryan, send me your GamerTag and I'll add you to my friend list. Perhaps we can try our hand at some co-op campaign or Firefight?

    I didn't get as much gaming in yesterday as I hoped, but the week is still young!