Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What blogger is collecting bunting cards?

In my reading of many many blogs I follow I've come across several bloggers that collect cards depicting something particular...like multiple bats, the American flag, etc.  Recently I remember reading someone was collecting cards of players putting down a bunt.  I've recently came across a few and I wanted to put them in the right hands, but for the life of me I can't remember who that is!  If you know who this blogger is please let me know.

On a somewhat related note I've decided to keep my eyes open for cards of pitchers batting.  I noticed while doing some organizing recently that a lot of the Glavine cards in my collection depict him batting.  I've always enjoyed the non-typical photo on cards.  At some point I'll get some of these cards scanned in so I can share them with the blogging community.  Until then if you have any cards of pitchers batting and you don't want them let me know.  I'll even take the junk wax stuff!


  1. Long Fly Ball to Because, I believe anyway.

  2. Batting? Can it be wearing a batting helmet too?

    Also, what's the latest on the dispersment of the 'found card booty' as I call it??

  3. Batting, bunting, helmet...it's all cool.

    I may have jumped the gun w/ those free cards. My brother has been trying to get a hold of the guy who offered them. I'll get an update post up shortly.

  4. When I get back home, I'll look through my doubles and see what I have!