Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cheap Auto

2007 Topps Tribute
Who doesn't love cheap autograph cards...especially when they are on card autos and of a player you've actually heard of!  I don't often search out for Mike Sweeney cards anymore, but every once in awhile I come across a card of his that I don't have.  This particular card had a starting bid of $.99 on eBay and I was the only bidder.  The seller even had decent priced shipping at a buck fifty.  The scan doesn't do the card justice either.  It's very think and very very shiny!


  1. I loved that Mike Sweeney was part of this year's Phillies. He's a good player and a genuine guy. Refreshing to see.

  2. He's such a great guy it's a shame he didn't really pan out.

  3. I want this. How did I miss it?! -Andy

  4. Andy, his cards still pop up often on eBay. He has several on card autos that I know of (Stadium Club comes to mind.) I'll have to take a look at my PC of his and see what I have.