Saturday, July 2, 2011

2011 Topps Marquee Group Break - ONE SLOT LEFT!

Just a quick reminder that there is only ONE slot left to claim your favorite team in next group break of 2011 Topps Marquee.  If you have already claimed a team please submit your payment ASAP so I can place our order.  Once everyone pays we'll also randomize the remaining teams so everyone can start trading if they want.

paulie3jobs - if you still want the Yankees please let me know by leaving a comment or submitting your payment...otherwise the Yankees will go back up for grabs.

Remember everyone that we're busting 3 hobby boxes of Marquee.  Each pack is guaranteed to have 1 hit (low #d on card auto, #d jumbo relic or #d multi-relic/auto) per pack!  This means we'll get 12 hits total!  We'll also get 15 one per pack #d parallels.  This oughta be a fun product to break so don't miss your chance.  For the sign up information click HERE.  For a look at the various types of hits click HERE.  For a complete checklist click HERE.


  1. If he doesn't grab the Yankees, I'll buy another slot to claim them.

  2. I would also buy the extra slot if he doesn't claim his Yankees spot.

    Ryan - Reds slot