Saturday, July 9, 2011

2011 Topps Marquee 2nd Team Randomization

I know the release date of August 24th is still a ways away, but I wanted to go ahead and post the 2nd team randomization so everyone would have plenty of time to browse the checklist and trade your 2nd team.  There won't be any limits of how many times you can trade, but I do ask that you leave comments on this post so I can track them.  Don't want to send the wrong team's cards to someone because I didn't know you traded with someone else.

We'll be using with the remaining unclaimed teams numbered 1-15.  These teams will be listed in no particular order.  I'm keeping the original order in which the first teams were claimed.  I'll hit the random button 3 times and which ever team comes up first goes to #1, second goes to #2 and so on and so forth.  Because I can't ever seem to be able to get a good screen capture I'll video the actual process via


01) Colbey (Braves) + Tigers
02) IkesCards (Cardinals) + Rays
03) hiflew (Rockies) + Marlins
04) Play at the Plate (Rangers) + Astros
05) BA Benny (Mets) + Angels
06) Matt Pederson (Yankees) +Twins
07) Cardsplitter (Red Sox) +Pirates
08) Ryan G (Dodgers) + Royals
09) daddyoho (Phillies) +Nationals
10) beady (Orioles) + Blue Jays
11) arpsmith (Giants) + White Sox
12) Ryan (Reds) + Padres
13) Matt Pederson (Cubs) + Mariners
14) cynicalbuddha (Brewers) + A's
15) Jason (Indians) + Diamondbacks


  1. I'll start things off and offer up the Tigers if anyone wants them. Prefer Twins or Padres.

  2. I'd like to offer the Royals to anyone as well, prefer the Padres, Pirates, or A's.

  3. Sorry Colbey, the Twins are staying with me. I knew picking up that second team would be a good decision. That being said, if anyone wants the Mariners, go ahead and shoot me an offer.

  4. I'd trade the Marlins for the Tigers Colbey. If not, they are still available. Shoot me an offer (well I guess I just stole Matt's line).

  5. Matt, I'd take the Mariners for the Royals.

  6. Blue Jays are also available. Make me an offer...

  7. hiflew, I'll keep the Tigers unless I'm offered the Padres.

  8. I am not tied to the White Sox, let me know if any of you are interested. I would prefer the A's but am open to other offers.

  9. arpsmith, I'll take the Sox if you want the Royals.

  10. Anyone want to trade for the Rays?

  11. Ike: you got a deal if you want the Royals.

    Or anyone, really. I don't care for the Royals.

  12. Ryan G: No dice on the Royals. Ike checked the checklist this morning and decided to keep the Rays instead. Have you looked at it? He said he didn't see any Royals!

  13. Hah. Figures! I'll have to actually look at this....

    I don't know the Royals roster too well, but Billy Butler is on five of the relic and autograph checklists, and Alex Gordon's on a jumbo relic. No base cards. How lame. I should write Topps a letter and complain. Where's George Brett?! The Royals get no love.

    They're still for trade to anyone if they want to go after Butler or Gordon!

  14. Ryan, going to pass on the Royals, but thanks.