Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pack Break - 2011 Bowman Platinum

I first saw these cards over at fellow blogger and Braves fan Waxholic's blog.  I was really impressed with what I saw and I couldn't wait to find them myself.  Little did I know that I would run across them @ Walmart before the local card shop even had them in stock.  What is more shocking is this Walmart NEVER has new stuff first.  Even the Target up the road still doesn't have anything new.  They had the mini gravity feeder with loose packs and rack packs - no blasters.  Seeing how I've seen many many people searching packs at stores in my area I decided to grab a rack pack hoping someone's grubby fingers hadn't molested the pack.  I'd say I got myself a 'virgin' of a pack.  Keep'll see.

Rack packs yield 3 packs with 4 cards each + a pack of 3 exclusive purple refractors...all for $8.99.

Pack 1:
#04 Jon Lester

First card out of the pack is a Red Sox.  At least it wasn't a Yankee.  At first I thought this card was something special and then I realized all the cards have a rainbow foil vibe going on.

#BBP96 Christian Colon

My first Prospects card.  Didn't Topps issue some eTopps cards that looked vaguely like these?

#93 Aroldis Chapman RC

This card looks more gold than anything, but the wrapper didn't mention any non numbered parallels.  Anyone know if this is anything other than a base card?

#42 Ubaldo Jimenez

I still can't believe the Rockies traded this guy.  At least the Braves won't have to face him now near as often.

Pack 2:
#15 Roy Oswalt

Boo!  I'm beginning to really hate the Phillies.

#BPP29 Manny Banuelos

...followed by a Yankee.  Not shaping up to be the best pack for me.

#74 Starlin Castro

If you're reading this post Matt Pederson, you want this card?

#44 Jeremy Jeffress RC

Pack 3:
#63 Prince Fielder 

This guy may have a cute kids and a big smile...but after last year I don't care for him too much.

Photobucket  Photobucket
#BAR-JMA Jhan Marinez autographed relic (0884/1166)

What?!  I never pull many hits...esp. from retail packs.  Best I can tell from the wrapper's listed odds this card falls 1:630 packs (assuming it falls in Group A).  Now why couldn't I have pulled something with those odds in my box of Allen & Ginter?  It would've scored me some major Gint-A-Cuffs points! 

I'm up to trading this card for something else.  Not sure which Braves players appear in the checklist, but I'm open to trading.

#BPP73 Julio Teheran

Before this season started I had never heard of this guy.  He had one start earlier this season and while he was a little shaky I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him in Atlanta in the coming years.

#77 Dan Uggla

This guy is on fire!  Smokin' hot at the moment.  After this evening's beating of the fish from South Beach he has a 21 game hitting streak.  There were some doubts earlier this season about Uggla and his big contract.  Funny how some solid play will shut up the skeptics and doubters.

#68 Stephen Strasburg

That guy...I'm sure you've heard of him.

Bonus Pack:
#BBP9 Blake Smith

#BPP82 Garrett Richards

#BBP18 Zack Cox

These purple refractors really do little for me so I could care less to keep them.  If you're interested in them please let me know.

Overall I am really impressed with this year's Bowman Platinum.  I was glad to pull 2 Braves from the rack pack and the hit was a really nice surprise.  I hope to be able to acquire more Braves very soon.


  1. nice. glad to see at least you got some Braves.

  2. The packs should talk about unnumbered parallels because I pulled a Ruby Freddie Freeman and the pack listed the odds as 1:3 packs.

  3. Colbey- I'd be interested in that nasty Yankee, Manny! I just picked up 2 racks of this myself and think I may have a Bravo to trade. Let me know if you're interested! RyanlamonicaAThotmailDOTcom

  4. I'm interested in the Zack Cox card, of course. Just throwing that out there.