Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Check Out My COMC

I've often browsed Check Out My Cards site before, but never bought anything.  A few weeks (?) ago I was looking for something particular that I didn't find, but I did find a few really cheap ($.10 + $.15) cards of former Dodgers player Todd Hollandsworth that I didn't have.  I had heard shipping kinda sucked so I looked to see if I could find any other good cheap cards before deciding to place an order.

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1995 Action Packed #66

We all remember the Action Packed brand, don't we?  For those of you that don't these cards featured rounded corners, thicker card stock and most noticeably embossed images on the card's front.  I had a bunch of mid 90's football cards from Action Packed thinking they were cutting edge at the time.  Now I look at them with a 'meh' feeling. 

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1994 Classic Cream of the Crop #C8

This particular one per pack insert set was popular at the time thanks to the inclusion of Alex Rodriguez.  Of all the packs I ripped in 1994 looking for the A-Rod card I don't think I ever came across the Hollandsworth card.

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1995 Mother's Cookies #16

I had heard of these Mother's Cookies cards before, but had never seen one before I came across the listing.  Of all of the Hollandsworth cards I got in this order this is by far my favorite.

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1995 Signature Rookies #4

And the ugliest card award goes to Signature Rookies!  I guess they thought that a limited print run of 10,000 was something special.  I must've only bought this card since it was a dime.

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1994 Pacific Card-Supial #29

Jackpot!  I remember hearing about these cards and I thought it was a very clever idea.  Pacific always seemed to think outside of the box.  The idea behind these if you haven't figured from the name is the card has a pouch on the back side where you can collect the corresponding smaller card and place it inside the larger know, like a kangaroo or koala bear.

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1997 Pacific Card-Supial #29A

These aren't quite mini cards...or at least not in the way we think of now when we hear the term mini card.  They are about the same size as the old Topps Micro and Donruss mini cards that were in Cracker Jacks in the early 90's if you remember those.

1997 Pacific Card-Supial #23 & #23A

This should give you a better idea of the size of the 2 Card-Supial cards.

1997 Pacific Card-Supial #27 & #27A

I couldn't believe I found both the larger and smaller cards for 3 of these...esp. 3 players that I collect.  This would be a fun set to build, but way too hard for me at this point.

Now that I know I can purchase cards @ COMC and leave them there until I have a lot to ship at once I may revisit them in the future to look for odd balls and other cards I need to fill in holes.  Thanks for reading.

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