Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 2011 Group Break - Team Randomization

It's time to get this mini group break underway.  I've loaded in all of the teams not claimed into and we'll hit the random button 3 times to see who gets which team as your second team.  Any team not claimed goes to me, however those teams are available via trade with me.  That said let's hit play...

I'll put the first trade request out there.  I'd gladly give up the Reds for either the Padres, Mariners or Orioles.  If you'd like to request a trade then please use this thread, NOT the sign-up thread as I mentioned in the video.  All trades need to be made prior to the end of the break.

I have a few extra "tall boy" pages for these Fleer Extra Bases cards if anyone still needs them.  They are my cost - $.20 a page.  I do ask for at least an extra buck to cover shipping since I'll have to use a larger mailer to accommodate the pages.

Colbey - Reds --> Traded to hiflew for the Padres
hiflew - Padres --> Traded to Colbey for the Reds
BA Benny - Twins & Cubs
madding - Mariners
arpsmith - Royals
Community Gum - Orioles
Axemanohio - Phillies
Michael Speigel - Angels
dominicfdny - Expos


  1. Anyone want the Reds? Anyone?

  2. I'll take them for the Padres Colbey. Absolutely no interest in the Tony Gwynns.

  3. Sorry I missed this one. Too much going on! Good luck everyone.

  4. Anyone want the Angels? I'll trade them for any other team. Please let me know.

  5. I would trade the Royals for the Angels if you are interested. LMK Adam

  6. Any interest in the Cubs for the O's Jon? (Community Gum)