Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mini Group Break - $6 for TWO teams!

** 7/21/11 UPDATE **  Boxes are in hand!  I'll start ripping them this week and get the pack by pack results posted soon. 

While we wait for 2011 Topps Marquee to be released at the end of August I thought why not do a mini group break?  2 boxes.  14 slots.  Pick your first team, 2nd team will be assigned using Random.org.  Only  $6 bucks per slot!

This month's group break is sponsored by Baseball Card Exchange.  Check them out for all of your sealed wax needs!

 What are we opening you ask?  Let's try something a little different for starters:

 1994 Fleer Extra Bases

* 400 card set.  36 packs per box.
* Cards measure 2 1/2" X 4 3/4" with full-bleed fronts.
 * One insert per pack

My LCS has the "tall boy" pages if anyone needs a few sheets for your team's cards.  I can send them w/ your haul for a small additional charge.  Pages are $.20 each.  Please add $1.00 extra for shipping.  Let me know if you are interested.

1995 Sportflix

170 card set.  36 packs, 5 cards per pack.
Inserts include Detonators, Double Take, Hammer Time & Pro Motion

14 slots total - first team is of your choosing.  After all 14 slots are claimed then a 2nd team will be assigned to you at random.

Boxes have been bought and paid for and shipped today, 7/19/11!  Please leave a comment letting me know which team you want.  Pay as soon as you can please.  PayPal gift payments can be sent to:  cardboardcollectionsATyahooDOTcom  

Make sure you let me know your team of choice and your mailing address.

01) Colbey (Braves) (PAID)
02) hiflew (Rockies) (PAID)
03) BA Benny (Mets) (PAID)
04) BA Benny (Yankees) (PAID)
05) madding (Cardinals) (PAID)
06) arpsmith (Giants) (PAID)
07) Community Gum (White Sox) (PAID + 5 pages)
08) Axemanohio (Indians) (PAID)
09) Michael Spiegel (Dodgers) (PAID + 2 pages)
10) dominicfdny (Red Sox)


  1. BA Benny - To get both teams means 2 slots...are you still a go?

  2. Awesome choices for boxes. Let me know how much you need for shipping several (about 10) extra pages that I need for my Mashburn collection.

  3. Put me down for the Cardinals, please.

  4. Put me down for the Giants, thanks!

  5. I've missed the last couple of breaks, but I'm up for the White Sox and wouldn't mind 5 or so of those pages, too. Let me know the total for that and I'll send the payment right over!

  6. For those of you that have inquired, the "tall boy" pages are $.20 each. Please add $1.00 extra for shipping since I'll need a different mailing envelope.

  7. Wats going on if the red sox are still open ill take them and 5 tall boy pages.. Just let me know the damage and ill send it rite outWats going on if the red sox are still open ill take them and 5 tall boy pages.. Just let me know the damage and ill send it rite out

  8. dominicfdny - The Sox would be $5 + $1 for 5 pages + $1 extra to cover shipping supplies = $7 total.

  9. I'm in for the Indians.

    Tim 'Axemanohio'