Monday, August 15, 2011

I hit the jackpot and I didn't even go to Vegas...thanks to Community Gum!

I've gotten some pretty nice cards of my Atlanta Braves in the group breaks I host here on a regular basis, but rarely do I get anything good if I'm lucky enough to snag the Braves in someone else's group break.  That changed however when I signed up for the bravos in Community Gum's most recent case break of 2011 Topps Lineage.

I've read a lot of negative things about Lineage and granted it may not be the best set Topps puts out this year there are some redeeming qualities.  While the base design is just OK, I liked the checklist and inserts enough to give it a try.  Let me just say really quick I'm oh so happy I did.  Community Gum's case I believe was sent direct from Turner Field.  Don't believe me?  Then just scroll down!



These oversized Jason Heyward card comes one per box.  It's a little wider than your traditional card so I'm not sure how to display it.  I'll have to see if my LCS has some sort of page to accommodate it.

I wasn't surprised that I got all 10 Braves from the base set and I was happy to get several of the Diamond Anniversary parallels.  Surprised though that Freeman was the only Platinum Diamond Brave in the case.  Or did I just get those two parallel sets backwards?

I love the cloth stickers.  My first exposure to something like this was the mini team logo cloth stickers from Panini's NBA sticker collection.  I don't really care for the Venezuelan parallels.  The Stand-Ups are pretty cool...though I think I'll keep mine flat.

First starting collecting in 1990 I acquired a lot of these late 80's Commemorative Set style cards.  I was just thrilled Topps included Craig Kimbrel in the set!  If any other Braves fans need any of these doubles let me know.

I wasn't even born in 1975 (I came 3 years later) so I wasn't around to enjoy this funkadelic awesome design.  I'm really digging in these minis.  So much that I might take a stab at building the set.  Not sure yet.  I am happy that the case yielded these 3 Braves.


Before I realized these 1975 mini relics were so "common place" I was super excited to get this Jason Heyward relic.  Shoot, who am I kidding?  I'm still super excited!  I wish it was a Sunday red jersey swatch though.

Even if I stopped here I would be happy w/ my winnings of sort...but I'm not done yet!


On card auto of John Antonelli.  I can honestly say that I didn't know who that was so I had to refer to Google for some more info.  Thanks to Wikipedia I found out some really cool stuff about John.  I've trimmed my Braves collection to players I watch/watched so I'm on the fence what to do w/ this card at the moment.

One more card to share in my awesome Topps Lineage haul...and I save the best for last.


Your NL Rookie of the Year - Freddie Freeman!  Sure it's a sticker auto, but that doesn't bother me the least bit.  I'm just thrilled to add this awesome card to my Braves collection.  I only wish I had been able to see the card pulled from the pack.  The guys from Community Gum did the break live, but my daddy duties called and I was upstairs reading my little girl a bedtime story and tucking her in for the night.

Well that's it.  Now can you see why I was so happy that I signed up for the case break?  It'll probably be awhile before I have this sort of luck again so I'm going to soak this one up a bit longer.  Thanks to Jon and Andy @ Community Gum for hosting yet another great group break!


  1. You did quite well! I remember seeing card after card of Braves in the video. It's a nice product, other than the base cards, but then it's all throwbacks on the insert side.

  2. got your message this morning.. not sure if you got my email or not...

    Let me know what you looking for in exchange for the dupes.

    thx bud. I'm jealous, you got quite the haul.

  3. I watched the video...great break Colbey.

  4. There are Braves crawling all over this set!

    Johnny Antonelli owned a tire shop in the town in which I grew up.

    I'll be collecting the '75 minis, too, for obvious reasons.

  5. You kicked butt in that break Colbey. Congrats on a sweet haul.

  6. We're glad you were able to be part of it, and that it worked out so well for one of our favorite bloggers. Just know that the resentment coming through as we showed it off on webcam was only half-real. Enjoy the massive haul!