Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last Call for the $5 Group Break!

Boxes are in and I've already started to open the before I can reveal the results of the first handful of packs I wanted to give a last call for sign ups.  We're opening one hobby box of 1996 Fleer and one retail box of 1997 Fleer.  $5 gets you one team and includes shipping.  Several good teams are still available.  If you already claimed a team or teams and you want another one you can have another team for only $3. Teams still up for grabs include:

- Red Sox

- Tigers
- Marlins
- Astros

- Expos
- Athletics
- Pirates

We'll get this underway starting Friday, 8/26.  Pack by pack results will be listed in the usual text format w/ the inserts scanned in.  Stay tuned everyone!


  1. Just got back into town last night I'm in for the Brew crew. I'll send over payment asap.

  2. Hey colbey,
    I just sent over payment for both the Brewers and the White Sox. Cheers and I can't wait for the Marquee break!!!!!

  3. Only because I don't think I have any of either year (which can't be possible) I will take the Pirates off your hands if they are still available.