Monday, December 26, 2011

January 2012 Affordable Group Break - Sign Up Now!

I know it isn't quite 2012 yet, but I wanted to give people a chance to spend some of that Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket!  Once the new year is finally upon us what does that mean for Cardboard Collections?  Another year of Affordable Group Breaks!  We'll start off the year with a few boxes from the good people @ The Baseball Card Exchange.

 1997 Topps Stadium Club Series 2 Jumbo (Hobby)
12 packs per box, 15 cards per pack
Possible RCs: Lance Berkman, Adrian Beltre, Kerry Wood

- Stadium Sluggers SPs (1:2)
- Matrix parallels (1:12)
- Co-Signers dual autos (1:168)
- Instavision (1:22)
- Millenium (1:24)
- Pure Gold (1:72)

 1998 Pinnacle Performers
24 packs per box, 8 cards per pack

- Swing for the Fences 1:2
- Peak Performers 1:7
- Launching Pad 1:9
- Power Trip 1:21 (serially #d)
- Big Bang 1:45 (serially #)
- Big Bang Seasonal Outbust 1:45 (serially #d)

1999 Skybox E-X Century (Hobby)
18 packs per box, 3 cards per pack
Possible RCs: Pat Burrell

- Essentials Now (serially #d)
- Essentials Future (serially #d)
- Prospects 1:2
- E-XQuisite 1:18
- Favorites for Fenway '99 1:36
- Authen-Kicks game-worn shoe (serially #d)
- Milestones of the Century (serially #d)

I'm really looking forward to the box of Skybox E-X.  Those Authen-Kicks game-worn shoe cards are very intriguing!  Hopefully this break will appease everyone as there is a good mixture of regular cards & obtainable inserts plus the chance at a dual auto in the box of TSC.

In an effort to make sure the entire break is filled up we'll be going with the format of choose 1 team and have a 2nd team randomly assigned.  Of course you are welcome to trade teams after all the teams have been assigned.  Just make sure that you let me know so you get the correct cards.  Each slot will be $9 shipped.  After all 15 slots are filled the unclaimed teams will then be randomized and assigned to each participant.

The faster you pay the quicker I can have the boxes ordered and we can start the break.  To claim your team please leave a comment with your requested team(s) and then please submit your gift payment via PayPal to cardboardcollections at  Due to PayPal cracking down on gift payments PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE SUBJECT LINE OR COMMENT BOX!  Please e-mail me your full mailing address and the team you claimed after payment is sent.

01) Atlanta Braves (Cardboard Collections) (PAID)
02) Scott Crawford (Expos) (PAID)
03) daddyohoho (Phillies) (PAID)
04) NY Hitman 23 (Yankees) (PAID)
05) D a V e (Blue Jays) (PAID)
06) Jason (Indians) (PAID)
07) Josh D. (Royals) (PAID)
08) arpsmith (Giants) (PAID)
09) Spiegel83 (Dodgers) (PAID)
10) Kyle4KC (Mariners) (PAID)
11) daily dimwit (Astros) (PAID)
12) hiflew (Rockies) (PAID)
13) Matt Perry (Red Sox) (PAID)
14) cynicalbuddha (Brewers) (PAID)
15) cardanathema (Cubs) (PAID)


  1. Merry Christmas colbey.

    Please put me down for the Phil's.


  2. I'll take the Yankees! Payment will be sent shortly.

  3. I'm in...for Jays Payment to come shortly!

  4. I'll take Indians. Payment coming tonight. Thanks

  5. Royals, please! Thanks, Colbey! Paypal coming shortly...

  6. Hey Colbey, I will take the Giants (and hopefully some Barry Bonds inserts!). Paypal on its way soon.


  7. Please put me down for the Dodgers. Thanks!

  8. Too late for the Jays here Colbey, but hope that you had a good holiday none the less...

  9. Sign me up for the Rockies, Colbey. Payment will be either later today or Monday morning depending on whether I make it to the bank before it closes today.

  10. I'll take the Red Sox if they're still available. I'll send payment in the morning.

  11. I totally missed this post luckily no ones picked the Brew Crew. I'll have payment over to you in a flash.

  12. I'll take the Cubs. Payment coming thusly.

  13. Looks like I was too slow - whoever ends up with the Reds - I'd be interested in any Barry Larkin cards pulled!

  14. Sorry Matt,
    I'd trade them for the White Sox, ahem Dave, if not I'll keep them to see if I get any sweet Molitor cards for my Mighty Mo collection.