Friday, May 11, 2012

Going out on a limb for the Group Break

It's no secret that I'm not made out of money.  That said I usually wait until I've sold enough slots/teams each month for my Affordable Group Break before I plunk down the money and order the boxes.  This time around however I'm going on a virtual limb here as I just placed the order with the Baseball Card Exchange.

I don't mind claiming another team (or two), but I really don't want to eat a lot of teams.  If you've been on the fence now is the time to grab a team or two.  Boxes hopefully will ship today and be in my hands early next week.  I'll wait to cut off sign ups until the boxes are in hand.

A big thanks to everyone that has signed up and paid already.  Without everyone's support these breaks can't happen on a monthly basis.


  1. Put the contest pimp on it for a little extra exposure!

  2. Hey man, I am going to take the Mets, I also posted on the original group break post. Money coming via paypal in a sec.

    1. Oh good. I was just found an Ordonez double I wanted to check with you about. Guess I'll just throw it in your stack now! Thanks for jumping in.