Tuesday, May 29, 2012

August 2012 Affordable Group Break - 2012 Topps Chrome (x3 boxes!)

Product image for 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Hobby Box (Presell)

About this time last year I ditched the typical boxes of baseball cards I feature in my monthly Affordable Group Breaks in lieu of trying Topps Marquee.  We had marginal success and it was a lot of fun.  I don't get the chance to open stuff that doesn't appear in large quantity at retail so perhaps that was a selfish motivation of mine to host something "high end".

Over the Memorial Day weekend I got a chance to peek inside the newest issue of Beckett on newstands and I saw the preview for both 2012 Topps Chrome and Topps Finest.  I thought featuring either one of those products would be different and fun to rip.  After looking at the checklists and prices of the boxes I decided to feature Chrome over Finest.  It seems more bang for our buck per box (24 packs versus 12 and 2 autos guaranteed in each box).  For a complete checklist click HERE.

After crunching the numbers it comes out to $17 per slot - less than the cost of a blaster!  14 slots available.  Pick a team and have the 2nd team randomized.  Product isn't scheduled to be released until August 22nd or 23rd, but I wanted to open up sign-ups now to gauge interest.  So if you are interested keep on reading.

To sign up I am asking that you pay up front.  Reason being I want to order the boxes ASAP so we can lock in the current pricing.  As you know the closer the release date approaches the higher the prices can creep up. This will only go down if all 14 slots are filled.  I'd like to offer some kind of incentive to "pimp" the break on your own blog, but cash is tight.  That said if for some reason we can't get 14 people to join in on the fun then I'll refund everyone's money.

To claim a slot(s) please:
  • 1) Leave a comment letting me know your team of choice (or teams if claiming multiple slots)
  • 2) PayPal your payment via gift to:  cardboardcollections at yahoo.com
  • 3) E-mail me (same address as payment) your screen name, full name, address and the team(s) claimed
01) Atlanta Braves (Cardboard Collections) (PAID)
02) Toronto Blue Jays (D a V e) (PAID)
03) Milwaukee Brewers (cynicalbuddha) (PAID)
04) Washington Nationals (arfmax) (PAID)
05) New York Yankees (The Dutch Card Guy) (PAID)
06) New York Mets (TheBrooklynMet) (PAID)
07) St. Louis Cardinals (IkesCards) (PAID)
08) Baltimore Orioles (Ryan H) (PAID)
09) Philadelphia Phillies (daddyohoho) (PAID)
10) Chicago Cubs (Matt Pederson) (PAID)
11) Texas Rangers (aj245) (PAID)
12) Arizona Diamondbacks (Farrell Quinlan) (PAID)
13) Los Angels Dodgers (Dodgers88) (PAID)
14) San Francisco Giants (arpsmith) (PAID)
15) Tampa Bay Rays (Farrell Quinlan) (PAID)


  1. Alrighty Colbey I'm in for the Brew Crew you should have payment in a moment. And I'll pimp the break on the crack as well.

  2. I'll take the Nationals, please


  3. I'm in for the Orioles. I'm sending payment now.

  4. I will take the Phil's.


  5. Every time I check these the Jays are taken within minutes! DaVe if you ever want to give someone else a chance let me know!

    1. Until D a V e came along a few months ago the Jays were hardly ever claimed!

    2. Well I can't complain about his taste in teams. I guess I'll just have to keep checking. Maybe he'd be interested in making some trades?

  6. I will jump in for the Giants, hoping to see some color!

  7. I will take the Dodgers if they are still available.


  8. I'll finish off the list by doubling down with the other Upton's team... add the Rays to my D-backs.