Friday, May 25, 2012

Pack Break - 2012 Topps Archives

Like many others I couldn't resist picking up a retail pack of the new Archives.  When I saw a new freshly opened box sitting on the shelf I knew the packs hadn't been all molested and such so I figured why not take a chance.

Then I grabbed a rack pack and a blaster.  I'm weak.

Even though it's a new set that was just released I'm sure some readers are already getting tired of seeing the same images over and I'll just share the contents of the loose pack and then some of the inserts and such that I pulled.

While there are some similarities to the Lineage set from last year, I'm much happier w/ Archives.  Even the wrappers are cooler than Lineage's.


I know using Topps design's from yesterday w/ current players isn't a new concept (Heritage), it is nice in my opinion to see designs not from the 50's and 60's.  I love the 1984 design personally.  Nothing too great in the first 6 cards, though I was happy to see the Martin Prado.  I didn't notice at first that the Larry Doby card is one of those gold foil stamped reprints.


I can't say I've really heard much of this guy outside of the blog-o-sphere so I wasn't sure if I should happy this was in my first pack.

2012 Topps Archives 1982 In Action

Loving this 1982 In Action card of Josh Hamilton.

Babe Ruth

1968 3D Babe Ruth - Like the 3D cards in Lineage I'm loving these and plan to build the set.


These sticker cards are somewhat cool, but not for me.


1969 Deckle Edge inserts are different.  Not sure how I feel about them at the moment.


1977 Cloth Stickers - just like from Lineage.  I still kinda like these, just not enough to build the set.

2012 Topps Archives Reprint

More reprints.  At least I got a keeper in Gary Carter.  Next!


Gold Rainbow Foilboard parallels - yawn.  I do want the Tim Hudson parallel though...


1956 Topps Relic

Always nice when you find a hit in your retail pack/blaster box.  Hoping to trade this for a Brave's relic (Hanson, Heyward, Hudson, Uggla)

For whatever reason I still like this set.  I may take a stab at building the 200 card set.  I'm over trying to collect large amounts of SPs so other than a few Braves that are in the last 40 (or is it 41?).  I love the 3D inserts and there are several Braves for me to chase so Archives oughta be fun for awhile.


  1. Cool stuff. Have I mentioned that I love the colors of the blog?!

    1. Me too! I got tired of the brown and glove background...

  2. Let me see if I have an braves relics you might like I'll let you know.