Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pack Break - 2012 Bowman

Ah, the new Bowman set has been unleashed on the collecting public and I again fell prey to at least buying one pack. 

I actually bought one of those blister card 3 packs that contain 3 super special cards (purple parallels).  I'm still question my decision, but while I continue to ponder that here is the contents from the first pack and a few other cards.

First card out of the back was Michael Bourne so that made me feel a little bit better about my purchase.  I like the base design for a change.  One thing I noticed is I got a lot of Blue Jays across the 3 packs.  Good thing for D a V e as they'll most likely be added to his upcoming group break stack.

The trend of 2 Bowman Chrome cards per pack continues.  I ended up w/ 2 different Jose prospects.

As promised my retail blister package gave me 3 exclusive purple parallels.  Again, most of these will be going to my upcoming group break participants.

Oh yeah, the boring gold parallels are still there...

I landed one non-parallel insert - Bowman's Best shiny chrome card of the Tigers' Jacob Turner.  Hmm, did someone claim the Tigers yet in my May 2012 Affordable Group Break?

If you caught my subtle hints I always try to include freebies in everyone's stack that participates in my Affordable Group Breaks.  As of this morning there are still several good teams left and just some plain cheap teams (read $4 shipped).  Do you want some freebies seen here plus other surprises?  Yeah?  Then what are you waiting for.  Fish those coins out from your sofa and go and sign up!


  1. I picked up 2 packs yesterday and think it's okay. Nothing super.
    I am looking for the Huletzen non chrome card if you pulled it...

    1. I don't plan on buying much more, but I'll keep my eyes open just in case.

  2. Colbey, if it's still available and not included in the freebees for the group break, I'd really like to trade for the Jose Campos Chrome.

  3. I bought one value pack Huletzen here, but I got the same Campos Chrome. I also got an auto, but I'll be posting it later.