Friday, May 18, 2012

May 2012 Affordable Group Break - 2002 Donruss


I want to thank the fine folks at the Baseball Card Exchange again for helping sponsor this month's Affordable Group Break.

I've had a lot on my plate this week thanks to some things at work so I apologize for the delay in getting this started.  On that same note I hope everyone understands and is OK w/ me not listing the results of each pack.  I don't have much time this weekend and I hate to continue to drag this out any longer than necessary.  So I'll just be highlighting a few cards plus all the SPs, inserts and hits.  At least for those of you participating they'll be some element of surprise once your package arrives as to what is in it.  I'll also be doing my best to toss in extra freebie cards as usual.

The base set is comprised of 150 veterans, 50 Rated Rookies (SPs) and 20 Fan Club (SPs).  Inserts include Diamond Kings (#d to 2500), Diamond Kings Studio Series parallel (#d to 250), Elite Series (#d to 2500), Elite Signatures, Elite Series Legends (#d to 2500), Elite Series Legends Signatures, Production Line (#d to a career stat), All-Time Diamond Kings (#d to 2500), All-Time Diamond Kings Studio Series parallel (#d to 250), Longball Leaders (#d to 1000), Longball Leaders Seasonal Sum (#d to 2001 HR total), Jersey Kings, Bat Kings, Rookie of the Year Materials and Recollection Collection (autos, 1:2000).  Overall odds for the inserts is 1:5 packs.

Now you know what could be in the box let's take a look at a few base cards as well as the SPs and inserts pulled.

I like the overall design for 2002 Donruss...but I can't get past the black bar across the bottom.  My first pack of cards was a Donruss product so I've always been partial to what they've put out.  I still miss the brand.

 Rated Rookies are short printed, but I'm not sure what the odds were for these.

Career Stat Line parallels are serially numbered to a certain career stat.  For Richard Hidalgo 299 represents his career RBI total as of 2001.

Fan Club is another SP subset.  The other card pull from this set was Luis Gonzalez of the Diamondbacks.

The real winner here was the Dodgers with this nice Diamond Kings Studio Series parallel of Shawn Green.

Production Line Chipper Jones rounds out the box.  It's #516/605 and the 605 represents his slugging percentage.

We didn't get any other SPs or inserts, but most of the teams claimed were well represented w/ base cards.  The next 2002 box should yield even (and better) cards.

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  1. Ah, 2002, when inserts were inserts and not 95% reprints! Nice box, those look great.