Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Discount Finds

While killing some time this morning I ran into Books-A-Million to check out a few magazines.  Before leaving I stopped by their little trading card display as they have been known to have some discounted baseball cards in the past.  Today I found 2 pegs full of those single card blister packs of 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter.  Never having bought the Allen & Ginter product before this year I grabbed 4 packs.  It helped they were only $1.49 each.  I also grabbed a few of the $.99 2006 Fleer Tradition packs for kicks.

I was all set to scan in some of the cards I got, but the little flash drive I use (at work) to transfer scans from my scanner/copier to my computer broke this morning so no dice on scans today. I only plan to keep a few of the cards I got today so the rest have been added to my Trade List if anyone is interested.

For you A&G mini collectors I got a 2 regular backs (#225 Roy Oswalt & #258 Eric Chavez) and 1 A&G back (#92 Dan Jansen).  Also got one of the mini World's Leaders (#WL23 Bruce Golding/Jamaica).

Of the regular sized inserts I got a World's Greatest Victories (#18 Team Orange) and a United States of America (#US27 Alex Gordon).  The odds on the Victories card was 1:24, but I didn't see odds listed for the USA card.

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  1. The states cards are basically 1:2 packs. If the pack is thick, it has a state card in it and if not... no state card (and no card to replace it, either.)