Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Return from the wounded...

After a few days of rest I've had a chance to recover and heal a bit from getting jolted by electricity at work.  Well enough it's time to play catch up if you will and get some of the cards that have arrived in the mail over the last week posted.  If you're interested in trading keep your eyes on the blog as I'll be posting a trade offer that may appeal to you if you like autographed cards of hall of famers.  I'll also be posting some more commons to my Trade List within the next few days if you're looking to fill some holes in various sets.

Now onto what has arrived recently.  After viewing a post on Crinkly Wrappers' blog a week or so ago about the existence of the red bordered parallel 2010 Topps cards I hit up eBay looking for some of the Braves players.  Word is out as the prices for some of the cards had already climbed a little higher than I wanted to pay.  Here is what I managed to pick up in round 1:

#296 Atlanta Braves (173/299)

#640 Matt Diaz (262/299)

And lastly 2 players that are currently kicking around in AAA Gwinette

#77 Kenshin Kawakami (072/299)

#477 Nate McLouth (096/299)

For the record - I only picked up the Kawakami & McLouth cards because the same seller had them and I figured no one would bid against me.  I was right as I grabbed each for $.99.  The Diaz card however ended up at $4.75.  I wonder if his big brother Jonny was bidding the price up?  I do have to say that I love the striking red border.  It's my favorite parallel of Topps this year.  I'll be on the lookout for Cabrera, Heyward, Jones, McCann, Prado and the rest for sure.

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