Friday, April 20, 2012

April 2012 Affordable Group Break - 2003 Fleer Genuine

The last box of the break is 2003 Fleer Genuine.  24 packs, 5 cards per pack.  The regular set is comprised of 130 - 100 base cards and 30 Genuine Upside (Prospects), numbered to 799.  Parallels include 130 Genuine Reflection: Ascending, individually & consecutively numbered from 1 to 130; Descending, individually & consecutively numbered from 130 to 1.  Inserts include 15 Tools of the Game (1:20), 15 Long Ball Threats (1:8).  Game-Used/Autographs overall odds are 1:6.

Pack 4:
#038 Andruw Jones (Braves)
#024 Kevin Millwood (Phillies)
#099 Juan Gonzalez (Rangers)
#050 Barry Zito (A's)
#011 Carlos Beltran (Royals)

Pack 5:
#082 Randy Johnson (Diamondbacks)
#015 Gary Sheffield (Braves)
#010 Ray Durham - Genuine Reflection: Descending #008/121 (Giants)
#041 Curt Schilling (Diamondbacks)
#062 Jose Vidro (Expos)

The first #d parallel goes to arpsmith and the Giants!  I like this one as Ray is from my hometown of Charlotte, NC and played high school ball for my HS' rival (Myers Park).

Pack 6:
#074 Magglio Ordonez (White Sox)
#GA-AD Adam Dunn - Genuine Article (Reds)
#063 Bartolo Colon (White Sox)
#002 Mo Vaughn (Mets)

Wow, these Genuine Article cards are really nice.  Even though the Adam Dunn card just features a solid white jersey swatch, the little pull out COA is a novel idea.  Congrats FanofReds!

Pack 7:
#090 Joe Crede (White Sox)
#014 Craig Biggio (Astros)
#05LB Torii Hunter (Twins) / Vladimir Guerrero (Expos) - Longball Threats
#057 Josh Beckett (Marlins)
#067 Edgar Martinez (Mariners)

We'll have to flip a coin to see who gets the first insert out of the box.

Pack 8:
#073 Tom Glavine (Mets)
#028 Vladimir Guerrero (Expos)
#103 Francisco Rodriguez - Genuine Upside #d 771/799 (Angels)
#001 Derek Jeter (Yankees)
#032 Frank Thomas (White Sox)

The first #d SP goes to the Angels (and FanofReds)

Pack 9:
#029 Paul Konerko (White Sox)
Albert Pujols (Cardinals) / Lance Berkman (Astros) - Longball Threats Jersey
#033 John Olerud (Mariners)
#019 Mike Piazza (Mets)

And the 2nd hit out of the 4 we should get goes to the Astros and jaybarkerfan.  In addition to that certain Astros fan I know that'll want this card you can also add my name to the list as Berkman is one of many players in my PC.  Nice score!

Pack 10:
#017 Carlos Pena (Tigers)
#076 Johnny Damon (Red Sox)
#6TG Nomar Garciaparra - Tools of the Game (Red Sox)
#036 Ryan Klesko (Padres)
#022 Mike Sweeney (Royals)

This is a nice looking design for an insert.  jaybarkerfan scores another card for his growing stack!

Whew!  My fingers are tired.  We're through the first half of the boxes and so far the results look good.  Most of the teams have a good stack of cards building up and the inserts and hits are being spread around.  There should be 2 more hits in the Genuine box and 1 more in the Double Header box.  Keep watching for more pack rippin' fun soon.


  1. Cool hit! I haven't been having good luck in group breaks lately (mine or anyone elses) so maybe this is a sign that things are turning around for me!

  2. Wow, great Berkman... yes Wes, put me down as interested... hopefully I can out bid the break-runner here! Haha!

  3. I know! I couldn't get the pay day to match up with the payment due date... didn't want to leave you hanging! I miss one break and this happens!?!?!?!? Just my luck lately! Haha!

    1. Never fear. The Astros will still be heading your way.

  4. I am liking that Ray Durham serial numbered card!