Monday, April 16, 2012

Group Break 2nd Team Randomization

Now that all the slots have been claimed it's time to randomize the remaining 15 teams.  Randomization will be done in the original order of sign-ups.  Drum roll please...

01) Los Angeles Dodgers (Cardboard Collections) (hiflew)
02) Montreal Expos (The Dutch Card Guy)
03) Milwaukee Brewers (aprsmith)
04) Chicago Cubs (aj245)
05) Minnesota Twins (cynicalbuddha)
06) Kansas City Royals (hiflew) (Cardboard Collections)
07) Arizona Diamondbacks (arfmax)
08) Baltimore Orioles (jaybarkerfan)
09) Detroit Tigers (jaybarkerfan)
10) Toronto Blue Jays (jaybarkerfan)
11) Pittsburgh Pirates (Jason)
12) Anaheim Angels (FanOfReds)
13) Tampa Bay Rays (FanOfReds)
14) Florida Marlins (IkesCards)
15) San Diego Padres (Cardboard Collections)

Let the trading begin!  Boxes should arrive by mid week (I hope) so once I make the announcement that the boxes are in hand then all trading will close.  Please make sure to make your comments here letting me know who is trading who.

All that said I'll put the Dodgers on the trading block for either the Royals (preferred) or the Blue Jays.


  1. I would happily trade the Brewers, especially if the Angels are up for trade.

  2. I'm massively late to this party but if the owners of the Cubs and Blue Jays would be willing to sell me those teams I would happily buy my way into this break.

    It will be just as fun watching what all of you get.

    Best of luck.

  3. Hey Arp, I'll trade the Twins for the Brewers if you want.

  4. I know you all want the Expos so happy to trade them for any other team !! First come, first serve !

  5. Sure, I'll swap the Royals for the Dodgers.