Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 2012 Affordable Group Break - 1997 Topps Screenplays (part 2)

Have I said that I really really like these cards?  I don't know what they sold for in 1997, but this box was a lot of fun.  I know not every team was represented, but again I'll try to toss in some extra cards for said teams.  I tried to scan the back of the tins and one card.  Neither came out that great, but I wanted to show off something.  At least you'll still have a little surprise once your package arrives.

Speaking of mailing the packages, I found out this weekend that I was summoned for jury duty.  I just served last March so I hope to get out of it...but either way this will delay me getting the cards out by a day or so.

Pack 11:
Jeff Bagwell (Astros)

Pack 12:
Cal Ripken Jr. (Orioles)

This may be the Premium insert.  I peeled the cover off and it shows Ripken hitting.  Pack #5 showed Ripken fielding.  Either way Ripken ended up being the insert so congrats!

Pack 13:
Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners)

Pack 14:
Kenny Lofton (Braves)

Pack 15:
Tony Gwynn (Padres)

Pack 16:
Randy Johnson (Mariners)

Pack 17:
Mark McGwire (A's)

Pack 18:
Barry Bonds (Giants)

Pack 19:
Albert Belle (White Sox)

Pack 20:
Nomar Garciaparra (Red Sox)

Pack 21:
Paul Molitor (Twins)

And with that this wraps up another Affordable Group Break here @ Cardboard Collections.  Thanks again to everyone that participated.  I know it wasn't my best offering as a host, but I always try.  I've give you a little insight into next month's (or I guess it's this month) break.  The number of cards will be few, but the hits should be plenty!

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  1. Oh my! A Ripken "hit", that's pretty sweet! Thanks for the break!