Friday, May 22, 2020

2003 Fleer Hot Prospects / 2003 Upper Deck Standing O Group Break Results

For this week's edition of our Affordable Group Breaks we broke two boxes from 2003 - Fleer MLB Hot Prospects (Hobby) and Upper Deck Standing O. Below is a quick recap of some of the highlights, along with the video from Friday night's break.

We'll start with Standing O. While looking up this set I discovered that this took the place of Upper Deck's Ovation line and I believe Standing O was retail only. This was a small box, but it still packed a lot of fun thanks in part to the 1:1 seeded die-cut parallels.

We got a nice selection of base cards featuring some good names. Just about all the teams were represented. The checklist was odd with some teams only having one or two players represented.

World Premieres were short printed and seeded 1:4 packs. Can't say I've ever heard of these players, but AJ (@Lost_Collector) said he knew Jason Anderson made it the majors with the Yankees for a short time.

These baseball shaped parallels were the highlight of the least in my opinion. I had forgotten the front of the card had a baseball like texture feel and the seams were embossed.

Onto the hobby box of Fleer MLB Hot Prospects next. This large box yielded 15 packs. What I didn't realize however was that 4 "hits" were guaranteed as well. This was a nice surprise for me.

The base cards look really nice, printed on a thicker than normal cardstock. The design may be a little busy, but I've seen far worse before. Like with the previous box, we got a nice selection of players/teams from the base cards.

Cream of the Crop inserts were seeded 1:5 packs so the odds were spot on that we pulled 3 - Pedro Martinez, Nomar Garciaparra and Hideki Matsui.

The first auto pulled came early in the box and was of Cory Stewart. This card is numbered 106/500. Adam McKenzie played "clean up" and grabbed the Padres at the very end for super cheap. Congrats!

The next "hit" pulled was this Future Swatch card of the White Sox's Joe Borchard. This card contains a piece of pants worn in a spring training game and is numbered 1019/1250.

The other auto pulled was this nice looking Player Graphs of Angel's prospect, Francisco Rodriguez. This card is numbered 269/400.

The last two cards pulled were from the Class of... insert set and featured two different players from two different teams. One was the base version and the other featured two pieces of game worn jerseys. The memorabilia version is numbered 293/375.

With the Class of... cards featuring more than one player, these were randomized between the participants using

Overall this was another successful break in my opinion. I don't plan to break multiple boxes the same night all that often, but this was fun. I'm going to wrap this up so I can get these cards sorted out and filed away. If you were a participant and you're ready to have your stack of cards shipped, please let me know. You can leave a comment on this post or send me an email if you'd like. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

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  1. Thanks for the fun break. As I mentioned, please set any of the Bernie Williams cards from Standing O into Tim's pile. Saves me the trouble!