Friday, May 15, 2020

Cards from the Astrodome

The above smattering of cards was delivered last week and were courtesy of Marc from Remember the Astrodome. Between work, hosting breaks and getting ready for a camping trip this weekend I just haven't had time to do much blogging, however I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank Marc for the cards.

I decided to skip the annual Gypsy Queen set for the first since it debuted in 2011. This decision was made before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and threatened the 2020 baseball season...and as a result the 2020 baseball card season as well. To date I've not bought a single pack of 2020 GQ so these cards of Freddie Freeman and new Braves catcher, Travis D'Arnaud represent the first new GQ cards in my Braves collection.

I opened my first pack of 2020 Topps Stickers earlier today as well so I'm excited to see the Mike Soroka card in the package. I still think he is going to help solidify and anchor the rotation for years to these sticker cards have a fun design.

I honestly can't remember if I have the included Donruss, Heritage, Archives or Opening Day cards, but I do look forward to sitting down and updating my Google Sheets file.

Marc, if you're reading I'll try my best to have a package out to you. Thanks again for sending these my way.

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  1. Hey, glad I could help! No worries on a return package, take your time. Enjoy.