Saturday, June 27, 2020

2020 Topps Big League Group Break Results

While I had other plans for this week's break, it was requested that we break some 2020 Topps Big League so I grabbed two hobby boxes and postponed my original plan to next week. I'm glad that Cynical Buddha from Collector's Crack made the suggestion as it was a lot of fun and we pulled some pretty good cards if you ask me.

Maybe one of these days I'll figure out how to make those cool YouTube thumbnails for my videos! We had a good crowd join in for the video, including a few new people. Napkin Doon even joined in on the recommendation by AJ/Lost Collector! Prior to this break I had opened a few hobby packs of Big League and I loved the simplistic look of the cards. The insert designs were fun looking and its a good set to build with the lower price point. I had no idea going in though that we'd have the success that we did with some of the cards pulled. If you don't want to watch the video, then keep reading for a break down of the two boxes.

The base design is very simple, which I find to be a good thing. One comment during the video was that it reminded someone of some of the old Fleer Tradition sets...which I can see. No gloss. No foil stamping. Just a good old fashioned baseball card set.

In the hobby packs these orange parallels fall 1:1 packs. These are much brighter in hand, almost a safety neon orange!

When I saw the Defensive Wizards on the sell sheet I immediately new that this year's iteration of Big League was going to be fun. These are some of the best cards I've seen in some time. I can't wait to build this set myself.

Flipping Out celebrates the many bat flips seeming now occur on a regular basis. Not my favorite set, but at least it uses a theme not widely used before.

Roll Call features some pumped up images of the players with their name in all caps behind them. This reminds me for some reason of a subset featured in the old 1998 Fleer Dugout Axcess set.

Even though 2020 Big League hasn't been on shelves for very long, I saw both on Facebook and Twitter the autographs pulled by various people. I wasn't sure if we'd pull anything since the Big League Autographs were seeded 1:78 packs and the hobby boxes now only contained 18 packs. As you can see above we beat the odds!

In the second box our big pull was this beautiful red foil parallel of the Pirates' Chris Archer. I remember seeing on the packs that these were seeded 1:3820 and I saw the asterisk so I knew they would be serially numbered...but I didn't expect to pull a 1/1!! I had an extra One Touch laying around so I put the card in that so nothing bad would happen to it. Shortly after the break Wade, who always claims his Pirates, requested that I ship his stack. I don't blame him, I'd want to get my hands on that card as soon as I could too!

Another week, another great break. I'm really having a blast hosting these and I thank each and everyone that continues to buy in and participate. We'll have another break next week before I take a week off. I'm super excited about next week's break too as I haven't opened a box of this since I included a box in a break back in April 2011! Next Friday, 07/03/20 we'll be busting series 1 & 2 of 1996 Topps Laser! Sign ups will go live Sunday, 06/28/20.


  1. It was a fun break, and cool to see you pull that 1/1. Thanks, as always!

  2. Sorry that I was on the break when you were doing it live, but early morning hours for work prevent me from staying up too late. But I did watch the video earlier today. I enjoyed the cards of the Indians you pulled for me especially the Lindor carciture card. I am going to try to get as many of them as I can this year. And congrats on the 1/1 for Wade! Maybe one day I will get that lucky in one of your breaks. I am looking forward to the next break too.

  3. Great 1/1 pull, Colbey! This looks to me like one of Topps' better efforts of late. That Flaherty is cool too.