Saturday, August 1, 2020

Group Break Results - 1999 Collector's Edge 1st Place & 1999 Pacific Crown Collection

This weekend's break returned to ripping two boxes, 1 football and 1 baseball. I thought I'd try my hand at 1999 Collector's Edge 1st Place on the football side of things...something different, hoping team and player collectors would need these cards for their collections. On the baseball side of things I was super excited about opening a Pacific product, specifically 1999 Pacific Crown Collection. I love just about all of Pacific's offerings so you can rest assured that if I can find a box of Pacific for a decent price, I'm buying it! What you can't count on is whether or not I'll feature it in a break!

The rookie class if 1999 may not have had the lasting power as previous classes, however there were some players that went on to have a decent NFL career including Donovan McNabb. Surprisingly no one initially claimed the Eagles, however once I dropped the price Dennis of Too Many Verlanders swooped in grabbed them along with a few other teams for just a buck each!

Collector's Edge had their fair share of parallel sets and the Gold Ingot set were seeded 1:1. Above are some of the highlights of these goil foil board parallels pulled.

Galvanized was another of the parallel sets. These cards were serially numbered to 500 for veterans and 100 for rookies. We pulled two, both Chargers players.

Future Legends inserts fell 1:6 packs. Hmmm...not many of these quite turned into legends! None the less, the rainbow foil makes these cards look pretty sharp.

I'm not quite sure that neither Daunte Culpepper or Cade McNown were quite the QBs that people thought they be. These Successors inserts fell 1:12 packs.

Loud & Proud inserts fell 1:12 packs and also featured a nice rainbow foil. I'm told this Jerry Rice is going to one of the participants son and was thrilled to see this card pulled when they watched the video. That makes me happy.

Excalibur fell 1:24 packs. One participant was hoping for a Favre, but we ended up with Flutie instead.

Perhaps the highlight of the box was this Pro Signatures Authentics auto of Akili Smith...and I use the word highlight loosely! While it may not have been the player many were hoping we'd pull, it's not a bad design and it's an on card auto...a nice looking auto at that. The Bengals weren't claimed in this break so I decided to use to randomly assign the card between all of the participants. The winner told me to keep the card so I'll be putting it up for trade on TCDB soon.

Next we moved onto the Pacific box. This box had the potential of yielding some awesome die-cut cards. The odds were against us as some of the inserts fell 1:3 boxes or more.

It's been awhile since I last visited this set so I had forgotten how nice these cards look. At 12 cards per pack and 36 packs per box I had a lot of cards to sort once the break was over. I don't mind the work as it means most of the teams received a decent amount of base cards.

I believe it was the first (or second?) pack and we found out first insert, this Platinum Blue parallel of Alex Fernandez. These were seeded 1:73 packs!

Latinos of the Major Leagues were seeded 2:37 packs so these were right on the average. These cards feature Latino players (duh) and have an etched foil background that is rather colorful.

Team Checklists are seeded 1:37. In past (or future) Pacific sets this insert would also receive the die-cut treatment. This version however just features holographic foil.

This was another ful break, even if we didn't hit one of the awesome die-cut inserts from the Pacific box like Tape Measure or In the Cage. Next week's break will also feature two boxes, one baseball and one baseball. Thanks to everyone that participated!


  1. In hindsight I wish I had grabbed the Eagles. I wasn't thinking about it being McNabb's rookie year.

  2. As a Syracuse guy, cool to see McNabb rookies!

    Thanks for the break! Love Pacific as well.

  3. That Akili would have been a pretty nice pull back in 1999.