Sunday, September 27, 2020

Affordable Group Break - 1993 Bowman football

** UPDATE 09/30/20 ** All remaining teams have been reduced


This break will feature a hobby box of 1993 Bowman football. 24 packs per box. Each pack includes a specially engraved foil card. Notable RCs include Jerome Bettis, Drew Bledsoe & Natrone Means among others. Prices are listed by each team. All cards ship. Stacking applies so the price does not include shipping. If you have questions on his this works please let me know. We'll break this box live on my YouTube channel ( on Friday, 10/02/20 at 10 PM eastern.

To claim your team(s) please comment with your request and submit your payment at that time. If you haven't participated in one of my breaks, please email me ( your name & mailing address. Please send your payment as Friends & Family - please don't put anything in the comments section:

Atlanta Falcons $2 - Roy Galloway PAID
Buffalo Bills $2 - Roy Galloway PAID
Chicago Bears $2 - Ben Martin PAID
Cincinnati Bengals $2 - Trevor P PAID
Cleveland Browns $1 - Kin Kinsley PAID
Dallas Cowboys $3 - Ben Martin PAID
Denver Broncos $2 - @pennysleeves PAID
Detroit Lions $3 - Ben Morris PAID
Green Bay Packers $3 - Trevor P PAID
Houston Oilers $2 - Kin Kinsley PAID
Indianapolis Colts $1 - Ben Martin PAID
Kansas City Chiefs $3 - Jason McQuitty PAID
Los Angeles Raiders $1 - Jennifer Peebles PAID
Los Angeles Rams $3 - Kin Kinsley PAID
Miami Dolphins $1 - Ben Martin PAID
Minnesota Vikings $2 - Base Card Hero PAID
New England Patriots $3 - Kin Kinsley PAID
New Orleans Saints - Colbey PAID
New York Giants $2 - Jennifer Peebles PAID
New York Jets $1 - Ben Martin PAID
Philadelphia Eagles $2 - Kerry Biggs PAID
Phoenix Cardinals $1 - Ben Martin PAID
Pittsburgh Steelers $3 Jennifer Peebles PAID
San Diego Chargers $1 - Jennifer Peebles PAID
San Francisco 49ers $3 - Hal Sauceman PAID
Seattle Seahawks $1 - Ben Martin PAID
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $1 - Ben Martin PAID
Washington Redskins $1 - Ben Morris PAID