Monday, September 21, 2020

Pack Break: 2018 Pokemon X/Y Fates Collide

About the only thing you can find in the card section around my area is Pokemon...and now it seems that the inventory of these Booster packs is starting to get thinner and thinner. While recently traveling for work I stopped by a Walmart and I found this lone X/Y Fates Collide Booster pack. I remembered I had a few dollars left on an old Visa gift card so I grabbed the pack as I had an urge to rip a pack of something.

If my girls ever accompany me to my local hobby shop I usually let them sort through the sea of monster boxes and pick out a handful of Pokemon cards. I recognized Minccino in my pack as one of those characters they like because they think it's cute. Pretty sure this is one they have picked out in the past. I know nothing about this Pokemon as I don't recall coming across it in any of the video games.

Both of these are Uncommon cards going by the small diamond icon in the lower corner by the card number. When you're not playing the game Trainer cards aren't all that exciting to pull. 

A holofoil Trainer card? That's new to me as I didn't know these type of cards had holofoil versions.

I guess holofoil cards fall one per pack? It's been so long since I've opened a pack of Pokemon cards that I honestly don't know. This holofoil is one of those where the foil encompasses the entire front of the card, not just the artwork section. Really cool looking in hand.

My thoughts? Meh, it was kind of fun. I still find it hard to believe that Pokemon cards have kept their popularity all this time. I do give Wizards of the Coast a thumbs up for reinventing the brand to keep it fresh. The cards look great and there is a small part of me that wouldn't mind learning how to play the game...after all I'm sure my girls have enough cards to build two decks!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been picking up a few packs here and there because my girls really like the look of some of them. We are thinking about learning to play too.

    1. I like Pokemon. I like cards. I like opening packs. Sue me! Seriously though, its fun to share a hobby of mine with my kids. I've got more packs from different series' coming soon.

  2. That Pokemon Fan Club card is cool. My students started presenting their projects today and one of the talked about their Pokemon collection.

  3. My younger son gets packs from time to time but has no desire to play the game. He only recently starting keeping them in those collector tins; before they were anywhere (which hurt me greatly to see foil or rare cards on the floor). All the Pokemon packs I put on A Pack To Be Named Later are his.