Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Affordable Mini Break - 2020 Topps Chrome Sapphire

** UPDATE 10/03/20 ** Teams have been randomized & assigned. Trading is open, please complete all trades in the comments section.


This mini break will feature a hobby box of the elusive 2020 Topps Chrome Sapphire. $20 per slot for a two randomly assigned teams. All cards ship. Price per slot does not include shipping as stacking applies. As the host, I will be keeping the Braves so they will not be in the mix. Once the break is full, I'll randomly assign the teams to all participants in the order they sign up with results will be posted afterwards. I will allow trading of teams for a select amount of time before we break live on YouTube. We'll plan to break Monday evening, 10/05/20 at 9 PM EST. Please submit your F&F payment after claiming.

01 - @Ebbets42 PAID - Brewers - Red Sox
02 - Ben Martin PAID - Blue Jays (via trade) - Diamondbacks
03 - Ben Morris PAID - Tigers (via trade) - Reds
04 - John Donovan PAID - Indians - Marlins (via trade) - Rockies (via trade)
05 - Chad Pacey PAID - Nationals - Pirates (via trade)
06 - Denny Wagner PAID - Padres (via trade)
07 - @Lost_Collector PAID - Phillies - Angels
08 - Kin Kinsley PAID - Yankees - Rangers
09 - @jmwsyo PAID - Royals (via trade) - Mets
10 - Ben Martin PAID - Cardinals - Athletics (via trade)
11 - Hal Sauceman PAID - Astros - Twins
12 - Tim Bailey PAID - Giants - Orioles
13 - Joey Nigro PAID - Cubs - Mariners
14 - karsal PAID - Rays - White Sox
15 - @CardpocalypseNC PAID - Dodgers

All teams (minus the Braves) were put into's List Randomizer with the first team for each slot being awarded 1-15. The virtual dice were rolled and the list was randomized 4 times. Below are the results:

Then all the remaining teams were put into Random'org's List Randomizer and assigned 1-14. The virtual dice were rolled and the list was randomized 10 times. Slot 15 was split w/ the host (me) so they received just the one team. Below are the results: 

Trading is open! Please make sure that all of your trade proposals and confirmations are made in the comments of this post. I will help facilitate trades between the blog and the Facebook group as needed. We'll plan to break Monday evening, 10/05/20 at 9 PM EST.


  1. dang I was way too slow - I am curious to see this break - did you set a time for it?

    1. Monday, 10/05/20 at 9 PM,

  2. @jmswyo wants the Royals if anyone is willing to trade.

    1. Yessir! Definitely open to trading Mets or As for the Royals.

  3. I am interested trading for the Nationals, i have the Brewers or Red Sox to trade