Sunday, September 13, 2020

Group Break Results - 2005 Fleer Platinum & 2006 Fleer

Another week and another Affordable Group Break is in the books!! This one started off on the wrong foot as I overslept, causing the break to start about 30 minutes late. Earlier in the evening I had mowed the lawn and between that and staying up late and getting up early (now that my wife & girls are back to school) I feel it took a toll on me and I crashed Friday evening after dinner. Ironically enough once I did get live I had the most viewers I think I've had since I took to breaking on YouTube. Toss in some nice hits and it made for yet another successful break.

This time around we broke a hobby box (or tin) of 2005 Fleer Platinum. This was the last year of the Platinum set and it was handled pretty nicely in my opinion. It's not cheap these days, but I kept scouring the 'net until I found a good deal as this was a product that I really wanted to feature.

Rookies in this set were short printed and each were serially numbered to /1000. One of the parallel sets, Platinum Finish were each serially numbered to /199. This Edwin Encarnacion is a mish mash of the two.

We also landed a super nice Griffey Jr. Platinum Finish parallel. Think of these as the equivalent to the Platinum Medallion parallels found in Fleer Ultra of the time.

The Diamond Dominators inserts in retail were printed on your standard cardstock, however the hobby versions were printed on metal! When I first pulled this card I was bummed as I have a rather hefty Tim Hudson PC and didn't have this card and the A's were claimed by another individual in the break. I was still groggy from oversleeping and as a result I didn't even notice that the card did in fact go to my Braves! Others in the live chat had to point that out to me. *facepalm* 

I normally don't prefer as the host to get some of the better cards, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about pulling this card.

One of the other inserts found in the box were Lumberjacks. While the base design is decent, one of the promised two hits in this box turned out to be a game used bat Lumberjacks of the Twins' Jacque Jones. It seems the Twins don't always get a lot of love in this department so I was happy for Base Card Hero that grabbed Minnesota.

We weren't done yet as we were looking for one more hit in the tin and oh boy was it a hit! This is the Lumberjacks patch/bat Platinum version and numbered 12/20! What?! Cards on Cards got in on this break and grabbed his Cardinals and I'm sure he's grinning ear to ear now. Beautiful card.

Next up we moved onto a hobby box of 2006 Fleer. This was one of the first Fleer sets after Upper Deck acquired the Fleer/Skybox company. I chose this box because I thought the design was good, I knew it would yield a lot of base cards, each pack had an insert and as a bonus if you will there was one game used card guaranteed.

Initially I didn't even know there was a parallel set until I reviewed TCDB's listing for the set. These are Glossy Silver parallels and fell 1:12 packs. Neither of these 4 cards had images in the TCDB database so I was happy to scan and upload these.

The guaranteed Fleer Fabrics jersey card we were promised turned out to be Mark Teixeira. Nice clean design, nice blue jersey swatch (at least it was white)...not too bad. This card was actually in one of the first few packs we opened and one of the participants in the chat mentioned that with an early hit there was the possibility for another hit. I really wasn't expecting much since this release was targeted for the mass public and not a high(er) end set, but I was wrong...

Upper Deck didn't list the print runs for the Autographics inserts until after the set had been released. This Casey Kotchman was actually a short print with just 25 copies! Yeah, I know the name isn't a big hobby heavy weight, but still it's a nice card.

Overall I thought this was a great, fun break and I'm so thankful that my wife checked in on me and woke me up! I've been looking forward to breaking these boxes ever since they came in and I would have hated missing out. 

My next order didn't arrive in time for me to show off on camera, so keep an eye out here on the blog and in my Facebook group as I should have the next round posted on Monday, 09/14/20. If you liked these Fleer boxes, I have more in the same vein coming up soon. I've also got some football coming too, after all it's finally NFL season once again! Thanks to everyone that participated in this break and past breaks...I can't do this without you guys (and gals!).


  1. Congratulations Kerry! That Pujols is sweet!

  2. The late start to the break worked out nicely for me since you started almost to the minute after I ended my break (which I had to move to Friday night at the last minute given unexpected Saturday evening obligations for me). Pretty fun stuff in your break this time around, even if I missed out on grabbing the Reds in time.

  3. Great break. I was really excited to see the Jacque Jones-- A Twins fan favorite.