Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Affordable Mini Break - 2017-18 & 2018-19 Upper Deck Hockey

** UPDATE 09/21/20 - Breaking TONIGHT at 9 PM EST. **

This mini break will feature one (1) blaster of 2017-18 Upper Deck hockey and four (4) fat packs of 2018-19 Upper Deck hockey. There will be 15 total slots at $4 per slot with a format of pick 1 team with the other team randomly assigned. All cards ship. Price does not include shipping as stacking applies. As the host, I will be keeping the Hurricanes so they will not be in the mix. Once the break is full, I'll randomly assign the remaining 15 teams to all participants in the order they sign up. Results will be posted afterwards. I will allow trading of teams for a select amount of time before we break live on YouTube. If the break fills up quickly, we'll break in our normal Friday night timeslot of 10 PM Eastern, otherwise the time of the break is TBD. Payment by PayPal (Friends & Family please). Submit your payment upon claiming a slot. paypal.me/flywheels86

Anaheim Ducks - Ben Morris PAID

Arizona Coyotes - Denny Wagner PAID

Boston Bruins - Roy Galloway PAID

Buffalo Sabres - Ben Martin PAID

Calgary Flames - Roy Galloway PAID

Chicago Blackhawks - Ben Martin PAID

Colorado Avalanche - Denny Wagner PAID

Columbus Blue Jackets - Matt Pederson PAID

Dallas Stars - John Donovan PAID

Detroit Red Wings - Paul Dionne PAID

Edmonton Oilers - John Donovan PAID

Florida Panthers - Base Card Hero PAID

Los Angeles Kings - Paul Dionne PAID

Minnesota Wild - Base Card Hero PAID

Montreal Canadiens - Roy Galloway PAID

Nashville Predators - Andrew Rein PAID

New Jersey Devils - @CardpocalypseNC PAID

New York Islanders - Denny Wagner PAID

New York Rangers - Robert Mitchell PAID

Ottawa Senators - Ben Morris PAID

Philadelphia Flyers - Paul Chamberlain PAID

Pittsburgh Penguins - Matt Pederson PAID

San Jose Sharks - Roy Galloway PAID

St. Louis Blues - Denny Wagner PAID

Tampa Bay Lightning - Andrew Rein PAID

Toronto Maple Leafs - Robert Mitchell PAID

Vancouver Canucks - Denny Wagner PAID

Vegas Golden Knights - @CardboardpocalypseNC PAID

Washington Capitals - Denny Wagner PAID

Winnipeg Jets - Paul Chamberlain PAID

Trading is now open! Feel free to propose your trade offers here on this post in the comment section. Once both parties have agreed on a trade, I'll update the list.


  1. I would like the Rangers and Golden Knights please.

    1. Will pay when confirmed that I got them in time. Commenting again because I forgot to click get notifications, lol.

    2. I'm sorry Billy, but the last spot was claimed last night before your comment posted.