Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 2011 Group Break - 2004 Fleer Platinum

We've finally made it to our last box of this month's group break.  This is another product I was excited about getting and it's been hard resisting opening...but the time is here so let's get ripping!  Who will the patch card be of this time around?

If you missed any of the videos or simply chose not to watch them I'll have a post coming up (hopefully) tomorrow recapping all of the hits that came out of the 3 boxes. 


  1. Fun break Colbey. The Expos were jumping from the very first card.

  2. Thanks for the great break Colbey! I really enjoyed watching all of the videos, you did a fantastic job.

    I'd love another break with some of these great Fleer products, particularly since I'm attempting to put together 2004 Platinum haha.

  3. Hi Colbey,

    Thanks for running another break.

    For future boxes, I would like to see 1999 Skybox Thunder. Not only does it have a lot of inserts, but each card has a RAP on the back. It looks like $19 for 36-packs (@ BBC Exchange). That would be the box I would like to see most in a group break.

    Beyond that, here are a few more ideas that look fun but shouldn't break the bank:
    1993 Donruss Studio
    1993 Triple Play
    1993 Flair (imo, some of the best looking cards ever)
    1995 Donruss Studio
    1999 Ovation
    2003 Fleer Authentix
    2003 Flair
    2004 Upper Deck R-Class

    Look those over and see what you think.

  4. And watch out for more batting pitchers! :-)

  5. @ Josh D. - I'm not opposed to any of those ideas, in fact I love some of the choices. I've just got something else in mind for October that should potentially make Cardinals and Mariners fans very happy!