Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opening Day is finally here!

So how are you celebrating Opening Day?  I myself am taking the day off from work to stay home and watch the Braves.  The White Sox AAA affiliate Charlotte Knights home opener is later tonight and I'm thinking about taking my oldest daughter down to the ballpark.

I've been listening to the debate on local sports talk radio all week about why has baseball lost it's luster and is the season too long.  I could care less about all that because baseball is back!


  1. I'm celebrating by picking up two sweet Black Topps prado's that I don't have.

  2. I am holding off celebration until the Rox Opening Day tomorrow. This season is just weird, my team's Opening Day is the 4th Opening Day of the year. The Japan series is just silly, even if it is understandable for internationalizing the game. MLB needs to get back to every team having Opening Day on the same day for everyone.

  3. I'm going to celebrate by working. Wohooo work!