Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Farewell Ben...I hardly knew you

With today's earlier Braves / Pirates game, pitcher Ben Sheets had his last start as a Major League Baseball pitcher.  After the Braves' chances of winning the division were squashed by a loss to the Pirates Monday night, manager Freddi Gonzales decided to give the scheduled starter, Tim Hudson some much needed rest.  Today's start was Ben's 250th of his career.  Sheets struck out two of the three batters he faced in the one inning he was on the mound.

Ben only had 8 starts for Atlanta this season after coming back from retirement.  I knew of him being a baseball card collector and all, but I never really got a chance to see him pitch before he joined the Bravos.  I wish his shoulder could've lasted a bit longer and he could have stuck around a little longer.  He provided a breath of fresh air for the team the last half of the season.  I wish Ben all the best in his retirement.

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  1. I loved Ben Sheets back when he was a Brewer. He was a great pitcher when he was healthy, unfortunatly he was prone to injury. Good to see he was still around, last I had heard he was with the A's and then I lost track of him.