Saturday, October 13, 2012

My new kicks

Game-used cards are so plentiful now that for a lot of collectors they just don't have that wow factor that they did 10+ years ago.  That said every now and then I run across a set of game-used cards that impress me and the 1999 Skybox EX Century Authen-Kicks is one of those.

I love cards that feature game-used base and hats, but until now I've never had a shoe least not with a large piece of shoe like this.  I particularly like the red leather piece of J.D. Drew.  I don't know what the odds were of pulling these cards in 1999, but I scored both for a song over at COMC some time ago.  Oh yeah, not only are limited but they are hand numbered too!

So what is your favorite kind of game-used / game-worn / relic type of cards?