Monday, October 29, 2012

Marvel Rittenhouse Promos

What just seemed to be a few days ago, when I got home Saturday from work I found a thin SASE waiting for me in the mailbox.  I had sent off for the newest promo from Rittenhouse from their upcoming Marvel Bronze Age set.  When the company Inkworks was in business I would send away for just about every free promo I could get.  I was surprised to see that Rittenhouse did the same for a majority of their card sets.

While I wasn't reading comics in the 70's (or 80's), I can appreciate the rich history of many of Marvel's characters.  Rittenhouse also does an amazing job w/ their cards and this is such an iconic fight between Wolverine and the Hulk so I had to have this card.

The set covers Marvel Comics from 1970 to 1985 and features one sketch card per hobby box.  Everything that I've seen is really nice so I may have to track down a hand collated set before it's all done.

I forgot I had the last promo of their's too.  This one is from the Greatest Heroes set.  I have an extra one if anyone wants to trade me for it.

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