Monday, October 29, 2012

Look at my can(s)!

Over the weekend my mom dropped off a bunch of things that belonged to my little brother.  Amongst the boxes were old Power Ranger toys from 1995, some old Toy Biz X-Men figures (and the Blackbird jet!) and some cans.  Why am I mentioning this on this blog?  This is why...

1997 Pinnacle Inside
1998 Pinnacle Inside
In the 90's my little brother was also a collector of baseball cards and one year on vacation we found the '97 & '98 Pinnacle Inside cans on clearance at a office supply store of all places.  We were able to buy 4 complete sets - 2 of each year.  I can't remember what I did w/ mine outside of a sealed can of John Smoltz that I still have.  He opened his cans carefully with a can opener that didn't leave sharp edges.  Most of the cans were opened on the bottom making them a nice display piece.

I've been asked to help sell his items and most of them will be going to eBay eventually...but I thought I'd see if anyone here would be interested in these empty cans.  Yes, empty - no cards are included.  I thought about piecing them out, but frankly it'll be a lot of work to ship all of these cans.  So I wanted to see if there was anyone that would like to take them all off my hands.  I don't have a set asking price in mind so if you are interested please comment below or send me a message with your offer.  Best offer wins!


  1. Hey colbey,
    I'd be interested in the 2 Frank Thomas cans. I couldn't find any decent pricing but on ebay they seem to be going for about 2 to 2.50 a can a least in asking price. So I'd do 5 bucks plus shipping on those. Are there any Brewers in the cans? I didn't see any and it wouldn't surprise me. The late nineties were dark times for the brew crew.

    1. Actually just reread the post. Well if you can't find someone for all of them and start piecing them out. let me know